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I wanted to educate folks on what Hustle really is and what it’s not. I want to make a clear distinction between the Hustle that you hear bloggers/podcasters talking about and the authentic Hustle that you hear Rappers rap about, and how you can tap into that inside of you and start to have (more) success.

So I brought on my good friend CJ Alvarado who runs two very successful startups to discuss these differences and provide some insight in how you can tap into this authentic Hustle.

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Social Media’s First Baby Turn 6 (and Donates Hair to Locks of Love)

Social Media’s First Baby was born on April 23rd, 2008. My life was forever changed. Each year I post a blog on Sadie’s Birthday. This year I wanted to talk about a few new life experiences that Sadie had this year.

1. Sadie starts Kindergarten.
2. Sadie starts a Video Blog.
3. Sadie donates hair to Locks of Love.