The Most Important Day Of My Life – Social Media’s First Baby is Born

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(Pictures & Video Below)

Hey there family and friends! It’s Thursday morning and I’m sitting here in the hospital with my beautiful wife and our beautiful daugther Sadie Loren Reyes sleep (my Mother-in-law Stella and Sister in-law Ashley are sleeping as well).

If you didn’t already hear Social Media’s First Baby, Sadie Loren Reyes, was born yesterday at 6:24pm. This birth experience and the events leading up to it has definitely changed my life forever.

First off, I gotta say this and if you never read this blog again because of it, carry on…

Alright, here we go: You have got to be out of your mind not to believe there’s a God.

Having been through this experience, it has completely opened my mind up to WHO God is and WHY he loves us so much! Now this is not going to be some post about me telling you what’s right or wrong, or some guy in a mohawk preaching to you and if it feels that way…lighten up, relax your neck a little bit, and get over it.

So here’s how our daughter came into the world.

April 22nd, 2008

2:30pm – Dr. Rosellini informs us that Sarah is 3 centimeters dilated. Sarah calls her Mom to get on the next flight to make sure she’s here just in case anything happens.

11:00pm Sarah and I pick up my Mother in-law Stella from the airport.

April 23rd, 2008

2:00am – My wife Sarah wakes up as she’s starting to feel some contractions. She waits a little bit to wake up Stella and the contractions continued.

3:00am – Sarah wakes me up as I’m in the other room with my best friend Cj who was staying the night. You folks have to understand that up until this point, I still don’t feel like I’m going to be a Dad and that’s this is all real.

We started getting ready to go to the hospital as the contractions kept coming every 4 – 5 minutes.

5:30am – We arrive to the hospital and they tell us that my wife is 5 centimeters so they decide to admit us. I’m thinking…”this is going to happen today…OMG!”

We call my Sister in-law Ashley who goes to college out in the Bay Area (or as some folks call it “Yay Area”) so that she can figure out a way to get out here as she doesn’t have a car.

Sarah’s contractions continue and my wife handles them like a champion.

She dilates to 6 centimeters and the contractions start to get stronger.

9:00am Dr. Yiakis tells us that the baby is probably going to be close to 9 lbs!!! Not only that but my wife’s pelvis is very narrow as well. So Sarah decides it might be a good idea to have an epidural. So Dr. Hiyashi aka Dr. Rockstar comes in and sticks this 47 foot needle in my wife’s back as I put my hands on her shoulders. I decide to take a peek at the needle in her back and I passed out to the floor….just kidding…hahaha!

Sarah was feeling really good and I was extremely proud because she was doing really well.

1:00pm – Dr. Yiakis decides we gotta give Sarah Pitossin (or as Kathy aka the Best Nurse in the World calls it “Vitamin P”) as she stopped contracting.

4:00pm – Sarah starts to push and is doing a great job. She pushes for 2 hours, but unfortunately Dr. Yiakis tells my wife that she’s not going to be able to fit through birth canal.

6:00pm – They take my wife away from me to the room where they’ll be performing a C-Section. Stella and I put on scrubs and prepare to go into the room to be with Sarah during this surgery.

There’s about 5-10 minutes of time when they prepare Sarah and I was a mess. There was ABSOLUTELY nothing I can do for my wife at this moment. I was completely helpless. This is where I go back to folks not believing there’s a “God.” You see I was completely helpless.

All I could do was pray. As soon as I started to pray, I felt calm, I knew that there was “something” that was going to take care of my wife and my baby. I had faith that God’s hand was going to be there at every moment! I just don’t know what I would do personally in situations where I feel helpless? What do you do?

So they call us into the surgery room. We go in there my baby is about to be born. My wife is laying down and all that I can do is just sit there with her, pray for her, and know that the doctors would do their jobs.

6:24pm – I hear, “here she comes” and push one of the doctors out of the way to try and see my daughter. Someone ends up saying “don’t touch the doctor” so I move back trying to see Sadie.

I look at my daughter and she is SOOOOO beautiful!!! I cannot believe it. I finally feel like I’m a Dad! I cut her umbilical cord (which was pretty cool) and they take her to get weighed. Backing up, you gotta understand we all were guessing how much she weighed. I guessed 8.3 and I was right. Sadie Loren Reyes weight 8 pounds and 3 ounces and was 20.25 inches long. I got a big girl!

They finished the surgery, made sure my wife and baby was okay, and I was completely relieved.

There’s more to talk about as I’m going to probably be doing a Live Broadcast TONIGHT about this and take any questions you guys might have. I really wanted to share this one thing on my heart though…

For the first time ever, I really understand WHO God is and WHY He loves us so much! When I first held Sadie in my arms, I made a promise to myself and God:

That I will always love her no matter what she does
That I will always protect her
That I will always provide for her
That I will never ever leave her
That I will always love her mother
That I would even DIE for her!

I’ve never realized how much God loved me until I held Sadie into my arms.

He will always love us – no matter how ignorant we can become
He will always protect us – even though we might live in fear
He will always provide for us – even though sometimes it might get tight
He will never leave us nor forsake us
He not only loves me but also loves and takes care of my friends and family
He literally DIED for for you and for me

This has been the most important day of my life. My wedding was completely incredible and I love my wife dearly, but this experience has changed my life and thought process forever.

I’ll share more later on, but just had to update y’all on this life changing experience.

I love you Sarah – I love you Sadie!

(i moved servers so i need to update the photos here as they weren’t showing up.



  1. says

    oooooh How EXCITING!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS Alejandro & Sarah & Sadie!

    I can’t believe we didn’t get a tweet by tweet account of the baby’s journey into this world – lol.

    Here’s 2 you Daddy!

  2. Paul says

    As a Father of 3 all I can tell you is it just keeps getting better and better. Even through the hard times being a Father is the most important thing you’ll ever do. Enjoy and All The Best

  3. says

    Hey Alejandro,

    Congrats! She has your chin!

    As for the God comments… that’s who you are and what is apart of you being “successful”. He is what makes you a “successfool”! That should be respected and not frowned upon.


  4. says

    With tears streaming down my face, I couldn’t be happier for you, Alejandro. Your fervent writing brought it all back – that journey I’ve done 3 times now – each time coming closer to an understanding of the Miracle of Life. thank you for writing about it all so beautifully. of course, the baby’s beautiful, and I’m so glad she’s chosen you has her dad.

  5. Rocktacdol says

    congrates, man she is sooooooooo beatiful!!! I guess you had the baby before we could over there. But now she gives us more of a reason to go see you guys. Man God has blessed you. love you guys and call us when they want visters..

  6. Ramona Gonzalez says

    WOW! You totally made me cry! That was a beautiful blog! Being a parent is an amazing and beautiful thing! She is gorgeous (It runs in Sarah’s family you know…;)). We all can’t wait to meet her! WE LOVE HER SO MUCH! We haven’t even met her yet! We love you two as well and we thank God that everything went well. Have fun at 1 am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am…You catch my drift! hahahahaha!

  7. DENISE says

    CONGRATS TO YOU AND SARAH! Yes she is an angel and it looks as if you have all of the angel’s commandments aka loving needs meet. you now know my friend, why i always say”family first.” Those eyes seal the deal for your entire life.

  8. Vaness says

    She is absolutely beautiful, Ali! Congratulations to you both! You are going to be the best father ever; she’s a very blessed baby girl! I’m very proud of you man, reading that encounter seriously brought me to tears. PS.. she looks like grandma lily in the first picture :)

    always, ness

    • says

      Ness – thanks for stopping by dood! i was thinking she does look like my grams as well. sarah’s dad said the same thing as well when he first saw a pic.

      hope all is well with you and your wedding plans!

  9. Courtney says

    Congratulations to you and your courageous wife!! :) Sadie is beautiful and I wish Sarah a speedy recovery. Having children definitely changes everything!

      • says

        Dude… This is probably the only 24/7 you’ll ever have to work… The only one you’ll ever want to work… And the only one that you’ll find your kids appreciate you doing. 😉

        CONGRATULATIONS Daddyo! 😛

    • Kate says

      This blog post made me cry! Could be the leftover pregnancy hormones kicking in but oh my LORD !!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so beautiful !!!! Look at those cheeks too! Wow, mine was premature and is tll filling into herself but yours came out all ready for the world and her mommy and daddy. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter and the wonderful new life that begins for you now. :)

  10. Michelle MacPhearson says

    OMG she’s ADORABLE! Congrats on being a new daddy, and congrats to Sarah for doing all the hard work!

  11. Anthony Santiago says

    Awesome! Congrats to you and Sarah on the new family. Thanks for letting us share with you, one of life’s miraculous moments. God bless.

  12. Gina Couper says

    Good on you for gutsing it up and being “you to the max” by writing from your heart! Congrats on your baby girl. (I have two). The beauty of birth is that it shows you the fragility of life and therefore makes you appreciate it all the more.

  13. Gina Couper says

    Good on you for gutsing it up and writing from the heart in that post! Your true self shines thru. I have two girls and having been thru the experience I believe that the beauty of birth is that it shows you the fragility of life. So you appreciate life all the more. Congrats to you both on your beautiful little girl! And get some sleep! :-)

  14. Justin D'Angelo says

    Beautiful…the story, the revelation, and most of all your precious baby Sadie. Congrats brother! You’ll be changed forever with a new perspective on life and new mysteries of God our Father revealed. I look forward to chatting with you. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless your family abundantly. Uncommon favor and influence is upon you brother. Justin

  15. ASecretGirl says

    OMG what a moving story. I read this as one of the first posts of my day. You have such a way with words…I was mesmerized, humbled, tearful and happy all at the same time.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us it really made me stop and think about what really matters in my life.


    • says

      thanks so much for those very kind words. i’ve never been one to think i have “a way with words…” i just try to speak from the heart and hopefully it makes sense to people!

  16. Tia Ash says

    Ali! good job on this blog…I am so glad I got to be there for three days. I miss Sadie already! Can’t wait till next Saturday. Love you guys. Tell Sarah she’s the best!

  17. Patty Cataneda says

    Wow Alejandro! This was beautiful! I am sure you and your lovely wife will make great parents!! She is sooooooo cute!!! I’m glad emma will have a new friend

  18. Chris Holm says

    Welcome to the team of Father Protectors. If you want to expand your role as your daughter grows volunteer at your church to be a sunday school teacher (if you work in the group that has her age group you can be her sunday school teacher, I have been very sneeky about this for all of my children). This way you can love on your daughter and all her friends. This is joy beyond measure.

    PS I have seen the pictures, I have seen you and my conclusion is that you either took someone elses baby or you married up

  19. Philip Gomez says

    Congrats to you a Sarah! Sadie is very cute, which means, and thankfully, she got her looks from Sarah. ha ha! :)
    Love ya man congrats!

  20. Timothy Carter says


    Brother, I’m so excited!

    CONGRATULATIONS Alejandro & Sarah & Sadie!

    What a tremendous blessing from God! You two are truly blessed and THIS is what life is really all about when it comes right down to it ya know what I’m sayin’ bro.

    Cute pictures too! :-)

    God bless you man. I may need to send you some samples of The Feast Supercharged to keep you running at high speed, with whole food all natural energy…cuz I’m guessin’ bro…sleep is not going to be something you’ll be used to for a while.


    Again, congrats bro. I’m so thrilled for you two!


  21. says

    Girls Rule Dude.

    Your daughter was born 1 day after mine was 6 years ago, in the same way… had to go to a c-section after long labor and no baby.

    Great prayer of dedication.


  22. says


    I “saw” you on the Joel Comm show today so I thought I would check out your site and see what is going on in your life. (We met at Simon L’s event in San Jose a few months back.)

    Congrats on the new arrival. My little boy just turned 2 and Jen and I have baby #2 on the way in November so we are pretty excited.

    I HIGHLY recommend the book “Be Prepared – A Practical Handbook for New Dads” if you are not already a pro with babies (I wasn’t).

    Best of luck to you, Dad!


  23. says

    Congrats my brother.

    I’m a father of three boys. Every birth was a blessing, no doubt about it. Last son almost didn’t make it, neither did my wife. Emergency C to get him out. All of this after we were “given the option” of termination because of potential complications right off the bat.

    You’ll have some long nights and days where your patience is pushed to the end. Always remember that fatherhood is the most important job you’ll ever have, and you’ll be fine.

    Congrats again!

  24. says

    Dude, congratulations. Here is a quote for ya… “Every child that is born is proof that God has not yet given up on human beings.” – Rabindranath Tagore

    Once my awesome kids were born I never wondered what my purpose in life was ever again.

    Now the joke all us dads get teased about… “Wow what a beautiful baby, looks so much like the mom, ha ha.” :-)

    Kidding aside, welcome to the sleep deprived world of parentville. You’re going to be a great dad!


  25. says

    Awesome Man! Congrats!

    I have a 2 year old boy and a 9 month old girl. They keep us super busy but it’s all worth it.

    P.S. I found you because you started following me on Twitter. :)

  26. Kristen says

    A wonderful touching post. Kudos and Congrats on a beautiful baby.

    P.S. My husband did pass out during the epidural and hit his head on incubator.. almost had to send him to emergency room downstairs at critical point! It was with the 3rd baby but the intern missed the epi 3 times, the fourth attempt pushed him over the limit! The stories we all have to remember during these monumental times!

  27. says

    Congratulations on this incredible journey – you are at the beginning but hopefully it never ends.

    We just celebrated 25 years together – and still, if you ask my husband today what his happiest day was, he answers with no pause “The day that Karen was born”. I still hold the picture of him holding her for the first time in my heart…

    Yes, there IS a God. Parenthood brings home just how helpless we are, and how well He has provided for us.

  28. Michael J says

    Congratulations to you and your wife!

    PS: keep in mind that often when people experience important events, the chemicals rushing about in your brain give us a kind of lift, which is often interpreted as some sort of religious experience, even when it really isn’t.

    Best of luck to your family.

  29. Timothy Carter says

    Alejandro! You and Sarah are INCREDIBLY blessed indeed. Sadie is simply adorable.


    Again, congratulations!

  30. Josh says

    Congrats (albeit a little late!) on Sadie! She was born on the 23rd right? My wife and I had our 3rd son Liam on April 22, 2008…crazy!


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