Timeline Is Here for Facebook Pages, Have You Set Yours Up Yet?

Yesterday Facebook started rolling out Timeline for Facebook Pages and of course you have some folks that are excited about it and see it as an opportunity and then there are others who aren’t happy.  Whether we like it or not, all Facebook Pages will have Timeline by March 30th so we just need to get use to it and figure out how to best implement the new changes.

(here’s a guide to set yours up)

According to Lujure.com there are 6 Things You Need to Know about Timeline for Facebook Pages 

alejandro reyes facebook timeline cover screeshot

1.  Default Landing Pages are Gone:

This is the one most people are going to be mad about.  However I do hear that marketers will have the ability to send Facebook Ads to specific Tabs which is hot!

2.  Photos, Apps, & Likes are at the top:

All I can say is that I love that how clean this looks.  You can show up to a maximum of 12 apps.  I’m currently only using the YouTube one.

3.  Pinning:

You can now pin your post to keep important stories or information at the top of your timeline.  I think this is a dope feature.

4.  New Admin Panel:

Clean and easy way to look at a snapshot of what’s happening with your Page.

5.  Fan Page Messages:

This is great.  People can now privately message you, something that was an option when via regular profiles.

6.  Cover Photo:

Alright I might get in trouble here but you’re going to see a flood of cheesy looking covers from marketers.  I know it, I’ve already seen some with regular profile timelines.

My advice, keep your stuff clean  yo!

How About You?

What are your thoughts so far with Timeline for Facebook Pages?  Good, bad, not sure yet?  Let me know.