Social Media’s First Baby Turns 1

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Princess Sadie Loren

1 Year ago today my beautiful baby girl Sadie Loren Reyes came into this world.  That day completely changed my life FOREVER.  I wrote about “The Most Important Day Of My Life

The day after she was born I did a Live Video Broadcast (go to 26:00 in the video below) for my friends and family and what happened next was pretty crazy.  You gotta understand that before this I had barely just started my blog and was trying to “make it happen” online…

I ended up tweeting that event and a lot of marketers, bloggers, & other folks from twitter ended up coming to watch this ustream.  This wasn’t a marketing ploy or anything, I was just really excited that I was able to utilize Social Media to show off Sadie to my friends and family.

The next day, I got soooooo many emails, tweets, dm’s, phone calls from people saying “Wow that was the coolest thing ever,” “I love your authenticy Alejandro” and my following online grew because of my daughter.  Pretty crazy huh?

Ever since then I knew that the key to making things happen in the Social Media arena is simple:  Be transparent, invite people into your life, and if you can put a smile on their face, you’ve won their hearts.

So I attribute a TON of my online success to my Sadie!

Sadie, I love you so much, you’ve changed mine and your Mother’s life FOREVER.  Happy Birthday Princess!!

Here’s some videos and some pictures of Sadie over the last year :)



The Video that started it all :)

Sadie and Daddy

Our Family on Easters

Sadie Smiling like Daddy

Sadie and Daddy again

sadie is dancing on

about to feed sadie & watch “From G’s to Gents” on

sadie just loves touching my face on

Sadie Loren is a Bee for Halloween. She has 3 other costumes on

Sadie trying to battle daddy on

Sadie dancing part deux on

sadie loves chris breezy on

sadie & daddy dancing on


  1. Mark Bean says

    She’s such a delight. Happy Birthday Sadie.
    As a new father too I can totally relate to this experience.
    Having a baby is about the most social thing you can do. You announce the pregnancy via Facebook. You ask trusted family members which baby products to buy (huge potential for social media here being lost). You document the pregnancy and first steps on flickr or picasa then you tweet and ustream the birth. Social Media helps you capture facts and feelings and share them and deepen relationships. That’s why I love it and that’s why I started “following” you. I wish you and your family all the best and I look forward to seeing you again soon at the next #sactweetup

  2. Clarissa McIntosh says

    Awww!! Happy birthday, Miss Sadie!! She’s gonna be a ROCKSTAR, just like her daddy! :-) Be Blessed!

  3. says

    I can’t wait to see everything she does in life!
    Thanks for being the most amazing dad to our little princess!
    Happy Birthday Sadie Loren!
    Mommy and Daddy love you more than you know!!


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