My 3 Words For 2011

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Chris Brogan wrote an interesting blog post a couple of weeks entitled “My 3 Words for 2011″ where he would come up with these 3 words that would act as a lighthouse for his actions and efforts.

I wanted to chime in and come up with my own “3 Words” that can be a lighthouse for what I do in 2011.  So my 3 Words For 2011 are:

Heroes.  Stories.  Experiences.

Heroes – Since I’ve been online and started helping others with becoming successful online has stemmed from one thing, wanting to be a leader (Hero) myself and then go show other people how to become the Hero in their niches.  That’s the whole purpose of this blog, is to help people that want to be great, not only become the Hero of a niche, but Heroes to their families, friends, and community.

I want to be my wife’s Hero.  I want to be my 2 little daughters Hero when they grow up.  I want to be my friends’ Hero.

I’m going to be investing a lot into my own self becoming a Hero in 3 areas:

1.  Mind:  A Hero has to have the right mindset and always be into Personal Development and Growth
2.  Body:  I gotta get healthy physically to become a Hero.
3.  Soul:  God is who makes me great and this year I will pray more, fast more, study more, and grow the spirit side of my life.

I want to help you be the Hero so bad, but I need to continue practicing what I preach.

Stories – In 2008, when I started, I created it because I took a look at what Oprah was doing for the last 2 + decades and all that she’s done is extracted inspiring, motivating, unique, and authentic stories from ordinary people just like you and me.

So the purpose of that blog was to do interviews and give you the “goods” from friends of mine that were building highly successful businesses using the web.  It’s the reason we love a great movie, there’s a compelling story that sometimes we can identify with.

I’ve been blessed to have connected with some extremely successful people that I can call friends now, I want to introduce their stories to you.  The tips and tricks are cool, but when you learn someone’s story, that can be the thing that inspires you and moves you into action.

In 2011, I will be doing a lot of interviews for you to learn from.

Maybe I’ll be sharing your story soon in an interview one day?

Experiences – This is the core of what Cj Alvarado will be talking about a lot this year together.  Tools and technologies are great, but to really help companies become Heroes in their communities, they need to provide their customers and audience an experience that they will remember, and go tell their friends and family about.  It’s that experience that not only makes you feel good inside, but can also inspire you to want to change the world.

Customer Experiences is the new Black.

Too many people are talking about “social media this, social media that…”  Social Media is so 2008.  Customer Experiences is the new Black.  We have plenty of experience with this working in the church arena and have watched what a good experience can do and a bad experience can do to a community.

I will help my clients create awesome customer experiences and great great experiences for my audience (You).

I hope this helps you understand a little bit about where my head is at with what I’m doing here at

Your 3 Words?

Your turn.  I’m interested to hear what YOUR 3 words are for 2011?  If you need to think about them cool, but come back and let me know, I’m interested.


  1. Eileen Burke-Trent says

    Wishing you the best in these new ventures, but don’t forget you friends who still need! My three words for this year

    “Not my fault”. Just kidding,

    How ’bout
    “Skip the B*llsh*t”?

    I see you many people that waste time on ego and one-upsmanship, when there are so many serious and important issues that need to be addressed. I want to skip the B*llsh*t, and concentrate on the important and REAL stuff. Important issues, REAL relationships, partnerships, and deep connections to create REAL solutions to REAL problems.

    Thanks for keeping it REAL Alejandro. You are developing a fan-base in the North State and North Valley!!

    • says

      Thanks Eileen.

      I’ve never heard of “one-upmanship” but I know what you mean. So many people want to be the loan ranger or they don’t want to collaborate with others out of fear… I say fear of what?

      Part of long term local small business sustainability comes when business work together for the common goal to be catalysts for economic growth.

      I appreciate you & looking forward to speaking at your event real soon 😉

  2. Eileen Burke-Trent says

    Excuse the typing on the previous message. For some reason there are a lot of grammatical errors, and misplaced words in the message.


    Don’t forget the friends who still need you.
    I see SO many people who waste time…

    Thanks again!!


  3. Reg says

    My 3 words are

    transcend – has to do with Spirit
    manifest – has to do with Body
    wow – has to do with current focus

  4. says

    Here are my 3 words:
    care – in personal and professional areas of life
    live – truly appreciate the value of each moment
    thoughts – realize their power

    • says


      Appreciate the comment. The thing that caught my eye the most was when you said: “care – in PERSONAL and professional areas of life.

      This personal side of business is something that has been extremely important to me over the last few years. I’m a firm believer that if the personal side isn’t in order, the professional side will suffer long term.

      I hope that this year rocks for ya. Thanks again for your comment.

  5. Paul says

    Differentiate – Standing out and for something is important
    Gratitude – We’re blessed to have people interested
    Improve – There’s always ways to do it better

    • says


      I love differentiate! It’s the only way that I was able to have any success online that I have. So many people are focusing on what others are doing & trying to copy the exact same thing.

      But you have to stay true to your DNA & God-given abilities and talents. That’s what separates you and makes you stand out!

  6. says

    create – I need to put out more content and make it a habit
    give – I didn’t really have much to donate last year but I could have so this year I plan on doing it
    love – really learn to come from a place of love at all times to eject fear from my life, because all emotions come from either love or fear as the base

    • says


      I’m in the same boat with you. That’s why I’m writing Monday – Friday. I’m not a great writer but I know I can definitely at least improve. I’d much rather do video (which I will very soon), but for now – I’m just creating content and want to do it consistently.

      Give was one of the words that I was going to use as it’s the thing that separates me from my competition… cause I know I’ll out give everyone!

      Blessings man!

  7. Mary Garcia says

    CREATE-i need to constantly grow and create a great life for myself and others

    LOVE- Everything great starts with love

    INSPIRE- inspire and motivate others to be their best and live to thier best potential at least plant the seed.

  8. jeff costa says

    My words are:

    1. Focus
    2. Act
    3. Improve

    After 16 years of business I want to take my business to the level it boelongs. I need to focus on my ideas, act on them, and improve myself as a business leader.

  9. RandyWolken says

    My 3 words for 2011 are;
    3 variations on the word growth —

    Personal growth- spending more time with myself, my friends and gamut

    Professional growth– grow my business and looking fear in the face and chuck

    Unswlfish growth — help others to grow from my knowledge and lessons learned from a lifetime of failure and success.


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