FriendFeed vs. Twitter – Is That Really The Point?

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Friend Feed

Man what a day!!! Over the past 12 hours i’ve read a dozen posts on “Twitter vs Friendfeed” and “Everyone is leaving Twitter” blah blah blah.

FriendFeed enables you to keep up-to-date on the web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing. It offers a unique way to discover and discuss information among friends.

It’s interesting cause a lot of people have been chatting about Friendfeed over the last week. Michael Arrington from Techcrunch wrote about it, iJustine who is the Internet wrote about it, TechTicker wrote about it, & several other posts & “influencers” in the Social Media world have talked about it. Jeremiah Owyang who is a Sr. Analyst at Forrester Research also wrote about that actually inspired me to write this post & do the Video below (more about his post below).

Techcrunch talks about how much more interesting the conversations are on FriendFeed vs Twitter (which to me are a HUGE part of Social Media), iJustine is talking about “who will go mainstream first – Twitter or Friendfeed” and “asks does it really matter”, and a few others are chiming in.

Check out my thoughts on this 8 Minute video on FriendFeed:

Its very interesting because with Social Media, things change so fast so you can’t focus on the “Social Technologies” but focus on the “Social Touch” side of things, the people, the conversations, the relationships, then figure out which technologies would best fit you.

There’s so many technologies out there and guess what, you don’t have to be on all of them to succeed in Social Media Marketing. I promise.

Listen, I LOVE Twitter, it’s really helped my business & I’ve made some tremendous advancements in my business just become of the little tool. This is NOT about who’s better. Twitter sure has been having some issues over the last few weeks & some of the functionality has been taken away for periods of time, etc. That’s inconvenient for the folks that spend 8 hours a day on Twitter. LOL

Not only is FriendFeed a GREAT solution for when Twitter is down, I think the concept and what FriendFeed is up to is pretty outstanding. They just “get it.”

So back to Jeremiah’s post about the “Herding Behavior on FriendFeed.” A couple more folks who are at Forrester (Charlene Lie & Josh Bernoff) wrote a book called “Groundswell – Winning in a transformed by social technologies” that talks about what Jeremiah referred today in his post. He talked about the Social “Technographics” which is a tool to allow people in business to examine and then create strategies based on the groundswell tendencies of any group of people.

The Social Technographics ladder represents a group of consumers more involved in the groundswell than the previous steps. Take a look at the image below:

Social Technologies Ladder

Jeremiah says that…“aaside from aggregating content (you can see all my tweets, flickr, digg, upcoming, blogs on one stream) you yourself can be a creator, critic, collector, joiner, or spectator.”

It’s too soon to see who will go mainstream first, and if FriendFeed will do what Facebook did to Myspace, or predict any of those type of things, the one thing that is for sure is that FriendFeed’s concept is RIGHT ON. I think this is where social media is going as having all these tools, sites, etc in one place makes it easier to:

  • be more productive (not having to login to 20 different sites)
  • monitor you or your brand
  • research & staying ahead of the pulse

Who’s to say that Twitter or FriendFeed won’t go under tomorrow, that’s irrelevant, the point is that FriendFeed is onto something with their concept and if the influencers are attracted to it, there’s definitely something to say about it.

Over the next week or so I’m going to be playing with it & will write about my thoughts about it.

What are YOUR thoughts about FriendFeed so far?

Please make sure to also leave your FriendFeed URL.

I’ll start

You’ll also wanna make sure to add my good buddy Maria Reyes-McDavis the WebSuccessDiva here:

Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish

Alejandro Reyes

Image source, Forrester and FriendFeed, screenshot taken by me


  1. says

    I couldn’t agree more, you do NOT have to be on all of them to succeed in social media. Pumping in updates from a 1 way tool to a variety of sites is nothing more than an update. Use 2 or 3 tools that best meet your needs – and ultimately are mutually beneficial for you and your network.

  2. says

    As always you hit the nail on the head! Stand back, get clarity, and use the tools for what they are for rather than following the hype.

    Thanks for keeping it real and giving a tip for another view of the conversations happening on the web.


  3. says

    I have been slowly transitioning to friendfeed over the last few months. Twitter has been down a lot and had limited functionality. It’s been very frustrating. I love friendfeed because of the comments and that it is easier to follow conversation over time.

    I see a place for both in the market… I just hope Twitter gets it together because I am not a plurk fan. I don’t like the interface.

    Here is a question for you though. I just moved from FireFox to Flock. I think the new wave may be social media browsers. Flock rocks!

    my friendfeed URL is twitter is bmtrnavsky

    Thanks for a great post…


  4. says

    I feel that each social networking site has their plus sides and their minuses but it is our freedom of being able to use all or any that makes the net such a wonderful place to work and interact. I would hate to be limited TO one or the other, I love both of these options and some of the others as well and like integrating them into my business.

  5. says

    Hey Alejandro!

    Great post and analysis. Personally I am preferential to Twitter, why because it’s cute and it’s simple. It has personal flavor and flare! Type in your 140 characters(which itself is a fun challenge!) and go. It’s a no thought device. Like the easy DM feature and favoriting.

    Friendfeed offers other benefits, of course, the all in one the primary one. Visually it isn’t as appealing. I see no customized decorated pages (full of personality) and no constant presence. It feels barren, colder to me.

    I think there is space for both, FF as the aggregator and Twitter as an application. Twitter, btw has plans to add functionality and features. So how Twitter unfolds may also indicate the next landscape in Social Media Marketing communications.



  6. says


    I think the two services compliment each other quite nicely. One don’t have to be on twitter all the time to see what is happening if using FriedFeed. I’ll keep mine up most of the time and actually made some great connections from it.

    Nice post, man!

  7. Web Success Diva says

    On point, on point, on point… With all the buzz around the two, it had to be you to break it down to the real about it all :-)

    The Social Media King!

    Maria :-)

  8. says


    For me I can Tweet on Twitter and it shows in FriendFeed and Facebook, making Twitter a nice micro blogging front end for more than one site. Looking to as an alternate.

    If Twitter is down I use Twiddict to post and Summize to catch up on Tweets I may have missed. So far Twitter has been the most fun, the most useful, even considering the downtime.

    FriendFeed is an essential part of the puzzle but I don’t use it directly.

    Great video, keep up the good work.


  9. says

    I find them both really, really useful. I get breaking news and opinion delivered direct via Twitter but more in depth or esoteric information via FriendFeed. One key difference is that I hardly ever visit the Twitter homepage but spend a lot of time at

    Of course, I follow slightly different groups of people on both services too.

  10. says

    i actually “enjoy” twitter more but i’ve noticed the quality and frequency of tweets slowing down. especially from those that were loud voices in the tweet stream.

    however, friendfeed has some swell features that make it worthwhile in a totally different way than twitter is. perhaps the difficulty with twitter is how many conversations can you really take part in?

  11. says

    I love it. You are so dead on about having the right focus and utilizing these as tools. So many people get caught up in the excitement and forget about “why” they’re using it.

    I don’t currently have a friendfeed account, i’ll probably wait to talk to you and get your thoughts later. You know when I hire you as my personal social media coach!



  12. says

    I am still just getting my feet wet with twitter at the moment.All of this social media networking is great. My industry is based of the reaction of the people so it’s important for me to stay on top of trends by viewing others. Thank you for making ths post. I love having a heads up before everyone esle.

    Here’s my link everyone! I would love to see all of us connect:

    Chat Later, Nixon Lee

  13. Nancy Sutherland says

    The most frustrating thing about using all of these different tools is to keep track of our new followers/friends who may not be on each of these or using them under different names. Any tips for that?

  14. Sharon Bray-McPherson says

    Hi Alejandro,

    My opinion is that Twitter and FriendFeed actually compliment each other, especially now that it is possible to reply to a friend’s “tweet” directly from FF.

    I think of Twitter as an informal get-together among friends, but when I’m in the mood for a full-course sit-down meal, I visit FriendFeed.

    Sharon Bray-McPherson

  15. Rafael says

    I love Twitter, but I hate that it keeps going down. I love that friend feed is stable. What I would love to be able to figure out, is how to post my friendfeed feed to my blog. Does anyone know how to do that? Am I just too inept to figure it out?

  16. says

    You were spot-on when you said that you don’t have to be on all of these social media sites to succeed. I love Twitter, but if it suddenly vanished, it definitely wouldn’t signal the end of the world, yet alone social media marketing. And on a side note, I find FriendFeed’s interface to be utterly bland (lol).


  17. says

    News update re: Twitter vs. Friendfeed:

    @Scobleizer has been raving about FriendFeed
    for months. Yet – despite his enormous influence,
    it’s only recently that people have finally joined
    his bandwagon. Yet even Robert Scoble hasn’t abandoned
    TWitter for FriendFeed. He just uses them for different purposes.

    Twitter is not going to go away tomorrow – or next year.
    Twitter will only grow bigger and better (and then get bought out).

    All you need to do to predict this trend is
    look at the founders & investors & what
    they’ve created in the past.

    Despite Blogger not being an outstanding
    blogging platform by a long shot – it’s still
    around, years later & will continue to be
    due to the number of people who still use it
    because of how “simple” it is
    (despite it being very basic and far superior to Blogi360).

    Rumors that Summize (Twitter app) is being
    bought out also indicates an upward usability
    trend for Twitter.

    PS: Facebook did not “replace” MySpace. Just the spammers
    and internet marketers left MySpace for Facebook, but the
    rest of us are still on MySpace, making great friends, clients & subscribers now that it’s been “cleaned up”.

    MySpace is STILL a TOP #1 social network.
    It just depends what studies you’re researching,
    or who you’re listening to for information/opinion.

    Bottom line – different people will like different
    platforms for different purposes. It’s the variety
    that proves that new media marketing will be around
    for a long time to come. Ignore it at your peril.

    • Matthew Hunt says

      @CoachDeb Thanks for the great comment here.

      Some great gems!

      Love the comment about IM’ers moving to FB over MySpace, MySpace isn’t dead. However, I do like the simplicity that FB has over MySpace. MySpace can be a bit of a puke feast, which I think scares the newbies away.

      I have a question though…that is related to the topic here…

      How does the sm biz owner help the “average joe” get on these two tools…? If you have a small local biz how do you get your consumers on these tools and ACTIVELY participating in them…? I think these tools are great for people who are internet savvy right now, but how do we get people like our “Grandma’s” on them…?

      I bring this stuff with most people and they look at me like I’m an alien or speaking another language. I am curious how all this will go MAIN stream…? How a sm biz owner (ie the local chiro, massage therapist, accountant, restaurant owner, fish n chip take-out place, shoe repair guy, neighborhood pub, local book store, etc.) can leverage these technologies to “regular folk” who are not quite yet internet savvy…? This my be a no-brainer in the near future, but I just don’t see ‘right’ now.

      Anyone have any ideas…?

  18. Tony Smith says

    Hi, long time no see. I’ve been away for a while, so totally missed this whole twitter phenomenon! I signed up a little while ago and then never did nything with it… I guess I should investigate again, but like you say Alejandro, there might be something new tomorrow!!

    I’ve been away going cold turkey – I need IM Rehab – feel free to check out my latest post, and keep up the good with you successfools!

    Cheers! Tony

  19. says

    I really do believe both Friendfeed and Twitter are here to stay, however, I do think both entities will listen to the critiques, will make improvements (interface and downtime) and then we’ll see how it shakes out. I’m new to both but I love the automatic updates in Friendfeed.

    Have a great week!


  20. says

    Twitter, Friendfeed, and others to come for sure…

    You don’t need all of them. But they all do a great job at shrinking the world and allowing us all to touch others, brand ourselves and “get out there”…

    Best thing to happen to our internet marketing projects in, FOREVER… social networking sites are great… they’ve helped to allow you, us, everyone that wants to.. to help a bunch of other people who without, web2.0 really couldn’t compete too well in these niches…

    Thanks for your review…


  21. Warren Whitlock says

    You hit the nail on the head with the headline.

    But most of the discussion falls right back into “where to hang out”

    If you are going to talk about main stream.. you have to look past the folks that use these services 8 hours a day, and the “experts”

    The masses will use “status updates” to communicate with a small circle of friends.. and spend more time in sites with games and groups and fun over time.

    The people discussing which is the coolest will be on to new things in a few months.

    What’s important — There will be a masses soon enough.. every one of the companies that don’t run out of cash or merged into something else will grow like crazy

  22. says

    I’m down with both. It is an interesting race. I am too curious who can bring it main stream where the “average Joe”. The winner will be when my Mom and/or Grandma joins then its done and we have a mainstream winner. Who knows things are moving so quickly it may not be either company, however past winners have been first to market…? ummm… don’t know, but I know I want to be there to witness it!


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