Contest – Your Chance to Become a Social Marketing Rockstar for FREE!

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DEADLINE EXTENDED TIL TUESDAY JUNE 17TH (a couple of the promoters – promoted it late & i wanna give their people a chance to enter)



So you wanna become the LEADER in your community…keep reading…

I’m am crazy insane excited right now.

That’s because I have created a new contest that’s going to give 3 people a chance to win a free ticket to my Social Marketing Rockstars 8 week coaching course that I’ve been working on for a while now.

NO ONE on the internet is teaching Social Media Marketing & Networking the way I’m teaching it. I don’t say that to impress you but press upon you the fact that you’re going to have the opportunity to use the same simple yet crazy effective strategies I’ve been using to have massive success online.

Because of the things I’ve learned in Social Media, not only have I created a 6 Figure Online business but a lot of my close friends have also benefited from the strategies that I’ve shared with them.

I’ve created a contest that all you have to do is answer 2 simple questions and you could potentially one of the 3 lucky people who wins.

Think about this for a minute. If you invest just a few minutes of your time to answer the two questions above, you could potentially walk away with a free seat to one of the hottest Social Media Marketing Coaching Programs. Not to mention, you’ll learn tons of skills that could pay you thousands of dollars this year and in the future.

To enter, here’s what you need to do. Simply post a comment below and answer these two questions:

1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

If you can answer these two questions, you have a shot at winning the prize.

What exactly will you win? Simply this…

  • Social Marketing Rockstars – the 8 Week Coaching program on Social Media Marketing – $497 Value
  • A once a week Private Mastermind with 12 others where we will discuss the latest strategies & social media technologies
  • You’re going to get a 30 min private phone consultation that we will record on whatever topic you would like and you get Master Resale Rights to that recording – $250 Value

I’d say that’s a fair trade, wouldn’t you?

Here’s what I want you to do now…

Scroll down to the section below that says “Comments.” Be sure to add your full name and email address so I can contact you in case you win! Answer the two questions. It should take you no more than 5 or 10 minutes. But the pay-off could be huge…

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Make sure to go check out the information page for Social Marketing Rockstars here:

DEADLINE EXTENDED TIL TUESDAY JUNE 17TH DEADLINE: Friday, June 13th, at 3pm pacific time.

I will choose a winner based on what I feel is the best response to these questions.

The 3 winners will be chosen and notified Saturday night, June 13th, by 9pm pacific time.

I’m really excited to bring this coaching program to the market as I know the potential its going to bring to many people’s business.

Be sure to check back Saturday night to see who the winner is!

Look forward to checking out the answers…

Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish

Alejandro Reyes


  1. says

    I am actually going to answer both questions at once. I should be picked since I am your first comment since I saw your post announcing this on Twitter. I have a good understanding of social media, however, I need to be better. Since I am a stay at home mom, I would love a six figure income (I’ll even settle for 5 figures). I am currently in the four figure range and would love to build on that. I use twitter and the social media sites like digg, mixx, thoof, etc. I need to learn how to use them more effectively and the coaching program would show me how.

    This would be great to show that if a mom like me can do it, anybody can!

  2. says

    ** resending **

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I am a performer. The time you spend with me will benefit you as well for social proof of your coaching because I will make it happen and use your training as my springboard. You will be able to use my future performance as a testimonial to your great coaching techniques and knowledge.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    I am a believer that social marketing is one of the hottest arenas to get the word out faster and virally — two very important facets of a complete marketing program.

    Social marketing lends itself to rapid distribution of content and allows the marketer to develop and reach a large audience of potential customers in a shorter time frame.

    I am very interested in using social marketing in my business to expand it much more rapidly and to touch a much greater number of people. I will be able to take my business to the next level with your help.


    Chuck Yockey

  3. Darwin says

    Alejandro, thanks for the opp.

    1. I should be chosen because I am an apt and grateful student. I need to modify my mindset to be an excellent Social Media rockstar and be able to contribute to the community much better.

    2. Knowing how to properly integrate Social Media by becoming a Social Media Rockstar I will build a successful business that I can be proud of and will contribute value.

  4. Susie Leon says

    Dear Alejandro,

    I just recently met you thru Si Leung’s website. I just watched a video of you Interviewing him at the airport. I watched that whole video and enjoyed it very much. Ü

    Both of you are so cool, here you are waiting because your flight was delayed and decided to make a video. Anyways because of that video I learned about Twitter.

    Long story short, I am 51 yrs old and I know that I can do it.

    You are going to be flooded with responses, I know that, but I am still putting my request out there.

    I need to learn all those things you just mentioned on your You Tube clip. I have been praying for something like this to come about and about 2 minutes ago, pop, your email hits my gmail account and the rest is history.

    So if I am chosen believe me it does not stop here, I will teach my business partners. I just started my online business a year ago and I am Rock and Rollin, but I know there is a better way to market with web 2.0. I have never given up, I have that same desire I see in your eyes when you posted your video.

    Kind Regards,

    Susie Leon
    Grandmother Finally Makes It

  5. says

    Q.1 = Simply put, I’m clueless about social marketing.

    Q.2 = I am one of the 20 people Michelle MacPhearson is mentoring, so I’m serious about wanting to learn and impliment what I learn. I strongly suspect that what you will teach compliments what I am learning from Michelle.

  6. says

    Why Mary?

    I am trying to change my business from working IN the business to working ON the business (thank you, Michael Gerber). In order to do so effectively, I need to learn not only the BASICS but the ADVANCED info that a guru like you can provide. I’ve checked out a lot of coaching offers, and this one will truly make me a rockstar – it’s not hype, it’s a fact, Jack!

    How will it help Mary?

    By providing a strong platform to launch my redesigned brand from. By highlighting the beauty of the program (pointing to your newest superstar, Mary). As an evangelist, I love to share great sites, contests, and resources – this will give me another outlet to share with my peeps!

  7. says

    1. I should be chosen as a Part of the coaching program because as a part of the entertainment community, this will be a great way to show people how to build a platform for television and film.
    2. It will help me created a bigger platform, which in turn gives me more opportunities to get the show on national television. You must have a platform- the question is, how to easily and quickly build one.


    Dr. Wright

  8. John Cadigan says

    1. I’m a hardware guy. I can take it apart and (usually) put it back together. But when it comes to “systems”-I don’t have a clue where to begin. I need a coach/teacher/mentor to show the correct so I don’t waste a lot of time. having good help is awesome!

    2. I work hard, usually about 70 hours each week. This is my year to make a positive change and work smarter, to be in business not having the business run me. By learning the right way, I will be able to make positive changes and use the change to help others.

    I was referred by Alex-great guy.

  9. clint says

    Why should I be chosen and how will it help me. Well to say that I am worthy I can’t because there are so many others that have been in the industry longer than I an most likely with less success and more of a capital loss than I. But as I actively work and recruit people I would really like to know that I know what I am talking about. That knowledge alone would be phenomenal have to put aside my doubts and fears and know that when I share opportunities with others they can not find anyone to be a better coach than I. Then as to how it will help me-I believe that with the professionalism you have demonstrated on skype you have the intergrity that is desperatly needed in this industry. To this point you have my respect and I desire for others to feel that same way about me. I am not a bashful individual and meet others well not as strangers. Therefore with the proper knowledge derived from your training then I can help others to be successful thus creating my success. I give my word that the knowledge you will freely give will not stop with me but be passed on to others to make their lives successful and give them the time needed and desired to spend with their families. It boils down to this the proper tools make the job much quicker and easier thus creating better profits I am using outdated and antique tools and strongly desire the cutting edge information you’re offering. May God Bless You and Guide You as you make your decision. Thanks for the opportuinty to compete and I look forward to working with you. See You At The Top Clint

  10. Ari says


    Short answer:

    – I want to share forward what I learn
    – I want to transform my life
    – I am willing to put myself personally in this
    – I have all other skills to make this program change my life

    Longer answer:

    I am not most beautiful, wise or effective person out there but I am sharing, honest and hard working – one who will put this program in action and will pass good things forward.

    Past 9 months I have been studying internet marketing in order to start my own business. Few months ago I became aware of the importance of social media. I have all possible technical skills you can ever think from programming to photography, but I do not have the final “clue” and guidance to get things really going.

    If I am chosen I will do public blog and video diary about my learning process – you will also hear me Twittering about the program. And do you know what – this promise scares me out. I have never been willing to be in front camera, talk publicly or even write my own blog. But if you help me, I am willing to go on and win myself and get out there – like rock star!


    Short answer:

    – gives me information and experience to help others
    – helps me to transform my life (family too)
    – helps me to step forward and get things rolling
    – program provides information, support and guidance that produces visible action and even new innovation!

    Longer answer:

    I want to be able to say to other people: “How can I help you?” – and actually have the information and tools to make that difference to them. I believe that my previous skills, this program, my plan to be visible and some hard work will take me to that place.

    I believe this program will give me possibility to transform my life from person “who knows there is more” to person “who actually lives” that more. I have found my passion – I just need to get it going.

    This program helps me to do things more wisely. As hard working person I have fault – I work too hard (often 10-12 hour days). I want to be more wise – because I know it is possible.

    This program will help me to take my background, experience and passion and put it in action. Stepping forward is exciting thing to me and I know that this program could open a whole new life to me.

    I would like to do things right from the beginning and expand from there!

    • says

      Ari! What a wonderful comment! It’s really heartfelt and sincere, and I felt it!

      I felt your fear and your commitment too! So thank you for that!

      In Appreciation and Joy!


      Hope to see you tweeting soon!

      • Ari says

        Thank you Amy for your kind words and encouragement.

        See you Tweeting! (just added the follow)


  11. Jay says

    The tragedy of 9-11 may seem like long ago history to many but it altered the course of my life and my families for the rest of our days. That day spelled the beginning of the end for better than 30% of the industry I was in and my business of 22 years. I should have closed the doors when the handwriting on the wall said it was prudent to do so but I worried about the families I employed and knowing many of them would have severe difficulty gaining employment again and them not being able to be protected by medical insurance and pay their rent and mortgages. This was an emotional decision and not a good business decision believing in the end I would work my way out difficulty if I could give the others who were with me for years a softer landing. I always understood that one of the secrets to success was to empower others less fortunate and karma would always work wonders in time. Well I took care of the others at the expense of my family and it has proved to be harder than I would have predicted but I persevere knowing luck is where opportunity meets preparedness overcome the fears, use it as motivation and be willing to take massive action to achieve success and stability once again. I turned to the internet for opportunity knowing There are 1 billion internet users in the world according to published data and Over 100 million adults made purchases after doing online research this last year alone. My wife and I educated ourselves from scratch working harder than most people are capable being motivated by fear and failure not being a viable option. In six months we launched quality content sites, , , and three other internet marketing sites. All successful people make the time for a Life Changing Journey and we have done so with anticipation of reaching the most positive outcome and what ever education you would help me with to allow advancement to the next level would be appreciated and a salute to realizing karma is real. Respectfully submitted,
    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  12. Cindy Caudill says

    Hey Alejandro,

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??
    I would love to be chosen because I have tried to do a little bit of marketing on Facebook, without much luck. I’m just not exactly sure I’m doing it right and I know your course can show me how. I have a MySpace Account, but not much going on there. I have a Twitter account and never used it. I started out blogging and not too long after I hit the proverbial brick wall. I also want to learn how to use video. My husband has curtailed my spending on training. (I have racked up some shameful debt. I’m usually the levelheaded one on the money front. There, I just embarrassed myself in front of millions of people!) I want to show him that what I’m doing can work and show my kids that Mom can have Facebook and make money with it! They don’t get it and it embarrasses them. Their friends found out and they all sent me friend requests. :-)

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?
    It will only help me to the extent that I follow your instructions. Your 8 week course looks just what the doctor ordered for me. I noticed you want to be successful and help other people. That is a goal of mine too. I want to be able to give back, and it’s hard to give back when you don’t have all the pieces to start with.

  13. says

    . WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??
    I am currently selling on eBay and know I need to diversify but have no idea how or where. I know that Social Media is the new big thing but I don’t even know what it is let alone how to do it. I just turned 60 and want to retire from my “job” and work at home at something I enjoy. HELP!!

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    I love learning new things but I need a teacher/mentor in order to understand. I read and try but until I actually work with someone I have a very hard time grasping the concept. With this program I know I could finally fulfill my dream of being self employed.

  14. Jill Freeman says

    Hi Alejandro,

    You should choose me for a free place for your 8 week coaching session first of all because I am darn skippy talented! :) That said, I am also coachable! I am just starting my own business. When it launches, I want to be on the cutting edge of the technology you will share with us. I believe the things you share will position me from the start to be an authority and expert in my niche.

    I am passionate about what I do, ( People used to laugh at me for saying that.) I want to share that passion with others who want to be successful. I believe in your energy and your passion to teach others. You wouldn’t be offering this opportunity unless you were genuine about sharing your skills, knowledge and passion. I want to catch that, learn from it and pass it on. I believe as I believe you do that it is in giving we receive.

    I look forward to learning with you.

    Thank you for your consideration Alejandro.


  15. Christie Ingram says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I listened to the call you did with Michelle MacPherson and I have been putting into action the things you have discussed. I have joined many FB groups and am always updating my Twitter status. I am actually doing the things you have recommended and I know I will have even more action items with the 8 week course. I have a free membership site I am trying to promote, but we are going to be having a baby (through surrogacy – very $$$), so I cannot afford a PPC campaign or to get someone to coach me. I would love the opportunity to grow my site and learn new skills in a supportive group. I would also help out any way I could to help “pay” my way and I would definitely pay it forward.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    SMRC (pronounced smirk perhaps??) would help me take my website to the next level and get more traffic and I would be able to help more people (it’s a free membership site). More traffic and exposure would allow me to get paid for advertising and actually make some money. It would also help me launch other membership sites and achieve my dreams of working from home while being a mom (which is my other dream).

    Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!!

    Christie christie 3 2 7 (at) hot mail (dot) com

  16. Bambi says


    Alejandro, over here (the lady waving madly to get your attention) pick me, pick me.

    I crave a program that ties together everything I’ve been taking on board for years and you have it!

    Your course offers defined structure; it has a purpose and a goal. All those traits make this the course that I WANT to be a part of.

    I put my toe into the Internet Marketing pool in February of 2005 and here I am in June of 2008 and I’m still trying to dog paddle. I followed one “guru” and then another and then another until my head was spinning with do this, no do that, you need this, you need that….just leaving me going around in circles with still no clear defined path to follow.

    Alejandro if you chose me I would follow your instructions with dedication and passion because that’s how I feel about internet marketing.

    If I wasn’t passionate and convinced that I can achieve great things I would have thrown the towel in years ago (not to mention thousands of dollars ago too).

    It would change my life in so many ways to finally achieve a consistent income from internet marketing. I have been a stay at home mum for the last 20 years and thanks to my wonderful husband, it’s been doable BUT that is all about to change and I NEED to be the one contributing to our income from here on in.

    I love being on the computer, I live on my computer for at least five hours out of every single day, I enjoy the process of building websites and feeling like I’m contributing to other’s journey in their Internet Marketing ventures. I help people where and when I can, and will always continue to.

    I dream everyday about being able to greet my gorgeous husband at the front door after his twelve hour day with the words “Honey I made $500 today”….that’s all it would take to realize my dream BUT it’s so allusive, my dream becomes harder and harder to keep alive after so many years of trying.

    Alejandro thank you…

  17. Pamela Cunningham says

    Good Evening Alejandro,

    Let me tell you a little bit about myself. A while back I read a book called “The Secret”. It’s about the power we all have within ourselves to attract what we want to our lives, we just have to learn how to harness and focus it. It was an epiphany for me in that most of what is in the book, on a subconcious level I already knew. What it did for me though was to remind me that I CAN have what I want in my life. I was laid off from my job (Vice President of Development for an affordable housing program) due to the mortgage mess. When this happened, I realized that I didn’t want to go out and get another job to work for someone else, I wanted to work for myself and control my own destiny. I am a 50 year old woman with no retirement plan. This fact alone is quite scary. I am still fortunate though, even with being laid off and my finances dwindling. As it happens, my mother, sister and I all live together. This happened after my father passed away. He died in his sleep 1 week before he and my mother’s 40th wedding anniversary, leaving her completely devastated. I was married and living in California at the time (no children). It was a little tense at first…3 African American women living together under the same roof. But we get along great. We are the “Golden Girls” with an extreme tan….smile. My goal is to be a successful home based business owner and to help as many others as I can along the way.

    As you well know, it’s easy pickings for those who take advantage of those of us who don’t know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve tried a number of things and spent a moderate amount of money since the beginning of the year with dismal results. I’m a people person not a salesperson and if I’m being honest, that’s why I haven’t had the success I would have liked. It just didn’t feel like me…it didn’t get my juices going. However, I have always believed that the right thing would come to me, one way or another. When I received the email telling me about your contest, I was so excited. When I watched your video, I thought, “This is it! This is what I’ve been looking for!” I am a very social person and I love interacting with others. I have a huge desire to learn how to create a blog and learn social marketing, help others and best of all, make a living from it.

    Being one of the chosen 3 would benefit me by allowing me to release the creative side that is screaming to get out and I know it will enrich my life, my family’s life and all those I come in contact with for years to come. I actually have this burning excitement deep down inside just thinking about the possibility of being one of the chosen. I know that this is the path I am supposed to be on. Further, this opportunity will provide me the avenue that I have been searching for all along, so that I can give to the charities and causes I believe in, give to my church, do things for my family and friends, have the financial freedom and security that I need and allow me to help others to realize their dreams.

    Thank you for your time,

    Pamela Cunningham

  18. Bob Keyser says

    About 5 years ago, I read Half Time by Bob Buford. He writes about changing your game plan from success to significance in the second half of your life.

    I’m into the second half of my life and I will achieve significance by helping others to become successful during their first half.

    Social Marketing Rockstars will help me do that.

    Best wishes to you for continued success in whatever you do.


  19. Seema Mistry says

    Hey Alejandro,

    This is a great contest and i’m very happy that you invited me to enter. To tell you the truth, i’ve already learned a whole lot from you just by watching and learning, but I know there is a lot more. I’m not going to flatter you too much (as if I already haven’t speaking to you before (wink)lol) but rather I guess, get down to the nitty gritty.

    1. I should be chosen because I am in a place in my life where everything i’m learning and implementing is not in my comfort zone. The difference now as apposed to before is that i’m breaking out of my comfort zone and I want to learn all that will expand my business (online and offline). I learn fast, I am a great learner, I trust my gut and know that the people around me are sincere and have a heart of gold, and those are the only people that i’ve been attracted to. So I know learning social media for my business, an honest, smart, REAL human being is someone I position myself to be one way or another. Rockstar will be a great tool to learn from, but I understand that it comes from a place much deeper and I strive daily for that.

    2.The Social Media Rockstar coaching program will help me learn how to more effectively utilize the sites I need to be in to get the most efficiency out of them as well as boost my confidence, tackle my fears and put increase into other peoples lives. Thats what I see you do and it’s why I believe we’ve spoken. (Thats a skill I’m learning and I want to make it better!!!) Oh, and P.S (heres the flattery) – who better to learn from..then yourself :).


  20. Karridine says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    Choose Karridine and together we’ll not only share valuable Social Marketing insights, but we’ll also hand-craft the song ‘Reyes for Todays!’, and other viral vocal hits! Crazy? I LOVE the Disciplined Crazy of Applied Crazy, and I’m looking forward to the coaching that will take me from Diamond-in-the-Rough to Laser-Lite-&-TOUGH!

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    This will provide me with the income I’ve sought for years to move forward on some poverty-alleviation projects and micro-lending projects in the Issan region of northeast Thailand. (I live expatriate in Bangkok, Thailand).

    Rockstars Coaching will also allow me to amplify my program of teaching health practitioners for the poor in the Issan region, which happens to be where my wife of these last 17 years comes from, and which uses MY training as a doctor!

    And this is only the FIRST YEAR after SMRC changes my life, Alex! 😀

  21. Okoruwa says

    1).. My sincere reason is that i would like to be involved with a mentor like you. I like your entusiasm, your style and am so confident i would learn alot from you to improve my social media marketing style. I like how you do what you do, and am confident i ll benefit immeasurably from you.

    2).. The program will enhance my style in marketing for sure, and it will also help me reach my desires in the internet world.

    I cherish you.

  22. Laurence Chilcott says

    May I respond as follows:
    Why should I be selected;a very difficult question indeed,because while I would benefit greatly from the information,I’m concerned that anothers need might be greater than mine,despite the fact that I’m a struggling aged pensioner trying hard to make ends meet.

    HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help me I imagine equally as much as its helped you achieve your goals and especially as you use methods and techniques not used presently for Social Bookmarking marketing.

    Thanking you for the opportunity,perhaps my luck might change this time

    Laurence Chilcott

  23. Danny Morrison says

    Hey Alejandro,

    I know there are probably a 100 people out there who think
    that they deserve this more than myself, but the reason I think I deserve this oppertunity is??

    Last year I went on workers compensation in june. All my
    life I’d worked my fingers to the bone as a auto technician
    for 26 years an then as a master milwright in a textile plant for the last 5. Right after the operation to repair a torn
    bicep, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands.

    About 6 months prior to this I had purchased a computer from
    a friend at work but hadn’t really done much with it so I figured now would be a good time to start learning something different.

    Well, Being new to this internet thing, And having my pay re-
    duced by about 200.00 a week I starting looking for a way to suplement this problem. What a mistake this was!!

    The first thing I fell prey to (for about 7,000.00) was the
    part time job offer thing. You know the one where they send you bank of america cashiers checks and your supposed to cash them and keep 10% and wire the rest to them? At this time I was just about to put an offer on a two family home for myself
    and my son,his wife and my 2 grandaughters.(TRUE STORY)

    Needless to say that fell thru and I’m now renting a house again this time with my son,wife and two grandaughters!(love of my life!)I was devistated but not defeated. I swore to myself that day that I was going to do what ever it takes to make a good living off the internet and that my 2 grandaughters would never have to worry about a thing for the rest of their lives!!

    That all happened last August. Since then Myself and my son
    have tried all sorts of different programs and spent thousands
    of dollars we don’t even have (yes that means even financing a couple of them for the tune of 9,000.00 dollars) just to find out that almost all of them never totally deliver what
    they promise! They always seem to leave you with that one piece that puts it all together.

    We just recently completed 16 steps to success on creating an authority site ! This is the first thing in a long time
    that sounds good! After watching your video and going over your information page, I trully think this is exactly what I’ve been searching for. If given the chance to be a rockstar I believe this is the program that will finally push me to hitting that unsubscribe button and put all of my eggs into one basket, (as the saying goes!)You have no idea how I long to do this!!

    As to how it would change my life?

    To me, this all has to do with family and friends and giving something back!!
    The most important thing it would change is it would restore my faith that not everyone out there is out for themselves!!

    Thanks for listening,

  24. Abby says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I got into the whole social realm for my job but I can already see that it can do so much more than how I am using it. I’ve been to at least 10 webinars on how to “do” social, but none of them gave hands-on experience. You should choose me because I am a hard worker and think that being “teachable” is the most important thing in the world. You should choose me because I can apply what you teach and pass it on to others.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    When I was in college, I was a real “social butterfly”. That part of me faded until recently when I joined Facebook and Twitter. I am reconnecting with people I’d lost and more importanly connecting with new people. Your course can, and will, change my life by bringing back some of that butterfly. I love introducing people to each other and seeing them click – it gives me that warm, mushy feeling! With the right knowledge I can do something very important – make a difference in other people’s lives.

  25. says

    Well, Alejandro…

    Long story short (knowing me, it probably won’t be short) I should be chosen because of the following. Caveat: for the next few sentences, I’ll just be typing what comes to my head and fills my heart. I considered preparing my response but I, instead, wanted my reply to be more sincere and natural. That said…

    I should be chosen to be a part of the 8 week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program because:

    (1) It’ll serve to show others, as well as myself, that TAKING ACTION has its benefits (and that’s putting it lightly). I’ve been involved in Internet Marketing, in one form or another (on and off), for about seven years now. The one thing that I’ve learned from those whom I’ve studied from a distance as well as those I’ve had the distinct honor of talking with personally, is that taking action is a MUST! I’ve had some partial successes as well as complete failures, but I’ve never stopped taking action. Even if I am not chosen, I will still recognize the importance of that command – and, as a result, execute it the best way I know how.

    (2) I intend to offer nothing less than my complete dedication to what you are doing and I believe that will translate into a profitable investment for you that will pay large dividends both, socially and financially. Your commitment to those you choose will be returned to you in amounts larger than you could have ever spent initially. It would be an honor and a privilege to be a part of that cosmic repayment plan.

    So… How will the Social Media Marketing Rockstars Coaching Program help me?

    (1) Well, participating in the program will force me to abandon any remaining fear that may be holding me back. I’ll have no choice but to completely step out of my comfort zone.

    Trying something “new” can be a little scary and/or intimidating at times but, I tend to perform my best work when the pressure is on. This is a challenge – and yes, even a journey – that I would welcome with open arms. And by leaving the constricting parameters of fear of comfort zones, I would be able to…

    (2) Help others achieve the success that they deserve as well. Make no mistake, I want to — check that — I will become very profitable in the Internet Marketing arena; however, I also recognize that much of my success will be the vehicle that others will use to reach their goals. This is not all about me.

    Never was, never will be.

    To take what I will have experienced and learned from you (as well as the network that will surely form as a result of this program) and then gain a chance to reinvest that into others would be a divine opportunity for me.

    Well, Alejandro… That’s it in a nutshell.

    P.S. Plus, you already have a picture of me on your wall.

    If that’s not a good enough reason to select me, I don’t know what is 😉

    P.P.S. Additionally, you have a pic with with one of my mentors/valued contacts on Flickr. Combine that with the photo on your wall, and I’m practically a shoo-in (haha). But seriously, thanks for every all that you’re doing and for extending this opportunity to everyone.

  26. says

    You asked me in Kevin Riley’s Monday Morning TV chatroom why I was so moved that I had tears pouring down my face as I read your account of Sadie’s birth. I had been following you on Twitter, waiting and watching with growing excitement and anticipation as you got closer to the moment when she would be born. Then your blog recounted the story in such a poignant, powerful way – it reminded me of the birth of my 3 children – the anticipation, the fear, the vulnerability, humility… then joy, relief and sheer bliss. It’s an extraordinary experience, and that you were able to share it so completely with this total stranger showed me the power and potential of social media. The emotional journey of Sadie’s birth changed me forever…I began to see, to fully understand, a new dawn in how we can connect and help one another for the betterment of all.

    So, yes, I want to be in your class for me, sure, but more for what I will be able to do for others after I’ve been through it. I’m in the real estate space. I teach folks to “appreciate” their homes: be happy with what they’ve got, rea-lly l-i-v-i-n-g in it and adding value when they sell. I’m a home stager, a home marketer, an appreciation guru of the lowest order. Highest potential, lowest order.

    I am on this journey anyway. To go with you as my guide will make my journey safer, faster and infinitely more effective. All our lives change as we grow more useful to each other. By finding ways to bind ourselves together for the common good, we will end ridiculous wastes like war, famine, global warming, gosh even basic things like happiness, self-esteem etc. No one person can achieve even a small dent on these issues alone. Collectively, we can. It is through social media, and its conscientious leaders like yourself that potential becomes reality.

    What kind of a world, Alejandro, do you want for Sadie? I want the best world. For her and for my kids. And I want to be on the team of people that deliver it. Your course is an important stepping stone in creating the web that will catch and support us all.

  27. Bruce says

    First, love the name…successfool, very cool.

    Why me? Hey, you need the challenge! I am a 62 year old technophobe. If you can get me successful you can do anything. Might qualify you for sainthood. I’ve owned computers since 1984, but all they were to me was a screwdriver. Now I find out they are do-everything powertools, but all I know how to do is use them as a screwdriver. I need power tool training!
    And think of your exploding status as a trainer of stars! They’d be saying “Heck, if Alejandro can train Bruce, man, I’ll be rich”

    How will it help me? I can see the future. I’ve actually been trying to figure out how to use the internet for years. Of course, I’d like to cash in, but there are other issues also. The internet is basically the last bastion of freedom and we need to take advantage of this. I was involved ever so slightly with if you go there that is me on the B2B video. And I wrote the content for 2 of their clients. I never got paid, but really enjoyed the creativity and the masterminding. I was hopefull that we would do something special, but the owner had some personal issues and everything went on hold. However, if you are an old geezer that has no idea, it is a “WOW”.
    So, I’d like to do something special with the rest of my life. Not that the first was bad (6 children, combat in Viet Nam, homeschooling, coaching sports, skydiving, marathoning, flying, etc, etc) but it is time for a new “double dog dare”

    God bless,

  28. says

    1. Why Not Me! I have an amazing story which people need to hear and a product that has been created through the result of a tragedy. I am all about changing the world – one Angel at a time and with your help and expertise – I can get a boost in my mission. I am an Australian who – 2 years ago – decided to uproot my whole family and chase the American Dream – I am now on the verge of helping many around the world and your program will help me achieve this.
    2. The program will allow me to learn from people who are smarter than me and who are specialists within their fields. I have no ego when it comes to this – if you have knowledge in a specific field – I want to ask you to share it with me – I am sure I can reciprocate in some way so it will be a win-win situation for both of us. The program will allow me to connect with people who are critical influencers and these people can help me on the mission to change the world in my own little way. Besides – the journey and the experience will be AMAZING!
    Thanks for making this opportunity available – it is most generous of you.

  29. John Foust says

    Hello A.R. ,

    I believe you should choose me because of several reasons.

    1. I am new to the Social scene so that makes me teachable.
    2. I am willing, able, and coachable.
    3. As an interpreter for the Deaf, I would be able to learn a new skill that I can assist deaf people in making their lives better.

    This would definitely make my life better. My health is declining and I may not be able to be an interpreter for much longer. I need to be able to have a skill that will allow me to take care of my family and also pass a business down to my children. This would also accomplish a goal of having my own business from home and spend more time with my family.

    Thank you for the chance to work with you,


  30. Sandra says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    First and foremost I believe that we all have the opportunity to succeed. Opportunity is met with 100% participation. And I am eagar to participate in the 8 week social media marketing coaching program. I am new to internet marketing, and have the basic understanding. But to learn to utilize everything and become a success would be a wonderful statistic for you and for me.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    Like most newbies, I don’t know everything. HOW this coaching program will assist is to fill in the gaps that I know I am missing or else I already would be a success with a large income stream coming on a frequent basis. I currently don’t have the stream, or a trickle….
    But I do have the desire and the basics, but need the coaching program to become a success!!!
    Thank you.

  31. says

    Why??? I have been blogging within my niche for over 2 years and can’t seem to get over the “hump”.

    I have over 3500 raving fans but can’t get them social. They don’t have a problem emailing me and asking questions… which gives me the oportunity to interact one on one. Very cool.

    Sharing and giving has been a huge part of my online presence.

    But… I can’t seem to get them to take the next step… whatever that is. What is the next step? That’s where I get stuck.

    I know that building a community is the ultimate goal. That’s why I listen to you, Justin and Michelle. I watch and learn from your interaction on Twitter, video etc.

    I can see what it is you do… but can’t “see” what I need to do. It’s like a huge kettle of mush in the brain… I so need help with – seeing the clear path. :)

  32. Randy Puaatuua says

    Dear Alejandro,
    My name is Randy Puaatuua and I’d like to get access to your wonderful prize package. Let’s get started…

    1. Why should I be chosen to be a part of your 8 week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program?

    Simple! You can feel secure in the fact knowing that your time and money will be very well invested in me. Choosing me would be the best decision you could make as I am a serious business builder who has impacted people online and offline as well.

    The concepts and strategies that you teach me will not be tucked on the shelf for the next 6 months. Your successful strategies will be implemented in my online business as well as my growing offline companies. It’s true business integration which is outside of the “Internet Marketing Box” people get stuck in.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help me?

    One of the things that hold nearly everyone back in their ventures is the lack of Clarity. When you are unclear about your goals, how you can get there, what is the time line – chances are you will never reach it.

    Alejandro, your Social Marketing Rockstarts Coaching program would help by offering much more clarity in my Social Marketing. Sure, I know the techniques, softwares, tools, sites, etc. However it’s the strategic thinking which needs more clarity from an expert such as yourself.

    That clarity would launch my businesses and family to new levels. Being clear on how to truly dominate markets using social marketing would impact my market in such a positive way as a result.

    You’re going to love working with a creative and ever-growing person such as myself. I can’t wait to get started!


  33. says

    Dude, I am sooooooooo one of the people you are looking for. I know I AM a Social Media Rockstar in training. I’m so close to the limo life of the Rockstar Rich I can smell and taste it, and I want it sooooo bad. I will make you the Colonel Parker to my version of Elvis if you give me a shot. I just need the direction. BTW, I’ve asked Jesus and he says you’re the man.

    What will it do for me? I want my wife to really believe in what I sit down here and do with this internet marketing thing. I’ve made money here and there, but never really enough to make it real for her (sometimes, even me) I know this project of yours is for me and I will probably buy it even if you don’t choose me ’cause it just feels right.

    Let’s do this thing.

  34. says

    Wow, I would never have believed that I could become a “Rockstar” in my niche…but I’m interested in becoming one and it looks like you know how to help others do it.

    I love having a Good time and I’d like to get the goods to really understand the Social Marketing piece that hasn’t worked at all for me thus far. I WANT to stop spinning my wheels! I love Masterminding and feel it is the best way to learn new things. You’ll find I’ll be an active participant and bring a lot of enthusiasm to the coaching sessions.

    I’ve been told I’m a naural networker, but the Social media sites don’t come natural for me. With your knowledge, it will allow me to maintain my influence in my niche and strengthen it with your strategies.

    I consider myself an average marketer and have achieved 5 figures per year but would love to see 5 Figures a month and your program sounds like the one to help me do just that. I feel I’ve been missing something…and I believe you have pinned it down.

    I would be a Great case study for YOU because I’m already blogging with super content or I’d be willing to even start a new blog from scratch if you preferred that. We can document how this is changing my life because there is NO doubt it will tremendously.

    I think the biggest benefit is creating the Relationship with You, Alejandro, because you ARE already a “Rockstar” and that is the best opportunity in networking will be knowing and be able to say I’m working with you.

    Love ya, too, Alejandro.

  35. Tim Atwell says

    I have always wanted to work from home. I’ve been able to home school my children, my wife has been able to stay at home. Now, I am going to combine the passion I have for my work with them and conduct the ultimate home school project, a family business from home. I’ve been watching and learning about Social Media Marketing, when I realized that this needs to be part of our overall plan. Not only for the business but for the social aspect also.

    Your Social Marketing Rockstar Coaching is going to help by putting it all together. Just like you mentioned in the video. Putting all the aspect of Social Media together to make the best plan. I’ve seen the power of Social Media first hand. From a friend I found Ed Dale, from their I started following Michelle Macphearson then I heard about the interview she was doing with you, and just recently I’ve been watching Maria Reyes-McDavis’ site from your tweet. I understand the power of Social Media, but, I need to become a rockstar.


  36. says

    Hello Alejandro,

    I have just learned of your contest from an email contact of mine. To be perfectly honest I did not know of your existance until a few minutes ago! I was extremely pleased to learn that there is such a thing as a coaching program for Social Media Marketing, this media has blossomed so quickly.

    Why should I be chosen?

    Being perfectly honest I would love you to choose me because I am a “silver surfer” who has tried for a long time to implement her income online. However due to a long term debilitating illness, which caused long periods of forced inactivity, this has eluded me until this year. My illness is now under control. I began a newsletter just over six months ago, and have managed to build a subscriber base of just over 20,000, but the key to turning subscribers into customers still eludes me.

    If I were to be considered worthy of a placement, I know that your teachings would enable me to expand my horizons, and enable me to finally build the online business I have been longing for. I love working online, and your coaching program would enable me to expand my area of expertise in very interesting and rewarding new ways and areas.

    Being long term ill has been very expensive, the coffers are extremely bare and in dire need of replenishment – my first goal. My longer term goal is to assist the friends who have helped me through my times of need, by passing on to them the knowledge to help them break free from ‘j o b s’, and hopefully to help others as well.

    Thank you for your kindness in considering my application, and for giving someone this excellent opportunity.



  37. Nancy says

    Why should I be chosen? I have been online longer than anyone I know (I am a pioneer from the DOS days). You’d think by this time I’d have it all figured out, but the truth is, I feel like I know all the pieces to the puzzle, but I don’t know what the puzzle looks like! I would love to take all those years of experience and really learn how to make a go of it the way I KNOW I can. And with your help, that years-long dream will be met.

    Also, to be blunt, I’m tired of trying to make ends meet – going from paycheck to paycheck – and the idea of this kind of freedom truly feeds my soul.

    How would your program help me? For one thing, I could take all of my creativity and channel it into something that WORKS! I am a creative thinker and innovator, but I don’t know how to translate those creative ideas to a solid business income. This course will help me make that huge leap from idea to manifestation.


  38. says

    I would be a good choice because of my “reach” in telling your story. My webinar series, Conversations with Marketers, has a fair exposure in the marketing community and through it, I will be able to help publicize your program. I have the virus and I am contagious, so others will catch your “disease” through my effort.

    I have been in internet marketing two years and I am progressing bit by bit. One area I am weak in is Social Media. I want to move into this marketing arena, but I don’t have the wisdom to do it well. There is a lot of churn in the field, with sites being announced and sites dying, almost weekly. It’s a field that is hard to get a handle on.

    I need someone who focuses on the field and understands the strengths and weaknesses of each site and can advise me would vastly reduce my wasted time and wasted money trying things that will not work.

    Best Wishes,
    Phil Cullum

  39. E says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I should be chosen to be part of the SMM Coaching Program because it’s not about me.

    It’s about what we can do for others and how we can help them achieve whatever it is they strive for.

    I’d hate to get all cliche on you but hey, what’s real is real.

    After doing some research on Spyspace (aka Myspace) I know that I can relate to your passion Alejandro.

    I’ve always wanted to help people achieve their goals and it has become even more urgent for me after attending a couple seminars (One was in Folsom, CA called the Landmark Forum…which I highly recommend).

    After seeing and hearing about the struggles people are *secretly* going through and seeing the pain of people wanting more but not knowing how to achieve it really impacted me step it up a notch. Seeing someone breakdown in front of you and a big group of people is a whole different experience than reading or hearing about it.

    It takes a lot of courage for someone to open themselves up like that in front of a group of strangers…that showed me how bad people are hurting for a change in their life. It’s not the reality anyone should be living. Life is too short and last time I checked we only get one of them…on planet earth at least. 😉

    I don’t want to sound like I got it all figured out, because I don’t…sh*t, I’m a work in progress myself…I’ll be a work in progress until I die. Fo’ Life! LOL


    I do have some Internet marketing skills that I am using in another industry that will help others achieve success…what ever success means to them.

    So, to sum it up I think I should be chosen because like I said above, it’s not about me. It’s not going to stop with me. It will be a ripple effect. It’s about helping others and that’s what I think your whole underlying goal is for not just this program, but YOUR LIFE.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    The SMM Coaching program will help me by giving me the knowledge and strategies to position myself in front of more people in my industry which will then enable me to assist them in achieving their goals.

  40. says

    Hey Alejandro !!

    You are truly a man on a mission….your energy in the video is toatlly contagious !! Thanks so much for this extraordinary opportunity.

    Why should I be choosen for your coaching program?

    Several months ago I decided to really drill down and get to the root of why I have not been seeing the online success that I want for myself and my family. To say the least, I wasn’t very pleased with some of the answers that I got. But, the one thing that just about knocked me flat on the floor was that I wasn’t bringing enough value to the market to attract the right kind of people to me and that I wasn’t branding myself as an expert or a leader in my niche – I was just out there promoting a great product and opportunity like 2 million other people. I was doing NOTHING to set myself apart from the rest of the networkers out there. So I dug in and started educating myself. And, now I need to get all of that information out there to help other people move themselves forward as well.

    So the question has beome – how do I go about branding myself so that I am the amazing leader other like-minded people will be attracted to and how do I get myself infront of as many of those people as possible so that I can start building a relationship with them based on service, value and trust. Social Networking is the obvious answer. Get myself in front of the trenders, spenders and recommenders in my niche. Give them value, help them with their problems, build rock solid relationships based on trust—-the sky is the limit. Teach the same things to my business partners – talk about being the leader everyone wants to work with – everyone wins big.

    How will the Social Marketing Rockstar Coaching program help me?

    When the student is ready….the teacher will appear. I need to learn how to effectively use Social Networking. I have bits and pieces of information, but nothing that ties the whole picture together for me. With coaching and a blueprint, I can do everything that I spoke about in the preceding paragraph. I will finally win this game and I can help others do the same thing. Talk about life changing – I know this will change my life and the lives of many others. A huge credential for me to able to say that I am working with you, an already established “Guru Rockstar” and a terrific referral and success story for you.

    Blessings to you for creating this opportunity for us. Success and prosperity to all of us.

    Best regards,


  41. says

    Hey guys, I just wanted to wish everyone good luck in getting a free seat for some coaching by Alejandro.

    I remember a few years ago I had some trouble and I was coming from, really nothing as far as entrepreneurship goes. I didn’t have any good experiences with online business, I couldn’t get any good information from all the stupid gurus out there.

    What was worse is that all those big conferences were so far away from my home in New York. It would cost more than the conference to even take the trip. All the stupid gurus lived out west and everyone was patting each other’s back with all their success stories.

    It was frustrating and annoying. I was just there, not really going anywhere. I needed help and I could rarely find an honest enough successful guy to help me out and tell me about what I wanted to do. Yea you have to work for what you ahve, but everyone who’s anybody had to get help to be where they wanted to be today.

    I finally got in touch with this one guy and he took a chance on me. Since a few months ago, everything really changed and it was because someone connected with me and vibed with who I was and what I was about. He knew where I was coming from and he knew I deserved better.

    SO I know what it really means to gain an opportunity to have someone share my passion and share my frustration and decide to work with me to help me achieve my goals. I appreciate it more than most.

    I decided not to enter this contest because I know someone out there needs this kind of training like I needed a mentor all those months ago. I know it because I was at that point once.

    That person is probably reading this now. To that person, I say: Be yourself, share your life, share your frustrations, share that conversation you have with yourself at night when things aren’t going right for you. Let the world know, because we’re listening … even when we can’t read it on blogs

    Let Alejandro see all that. And if you’re ready, and if your heart is in your comments, then all you have to do is wait and see if you can win. You might be thinking about passing it up cause you think you wont get what you want … but I encourage you to do it for the sake that it WILL. That it just might HAPPEN for you.

    And even if you don’t win. It’s okay, it’s a contest, everyone doesn’t win. But you will have learned a special lesson about communicating to people in a special way just by trying.

    So even to those who are reading this and don’t win … take your comment and your passions and keep on finding people like Alejandro and reach out to people who are successful. Keep on following because Alejandro will just keep on giving the goods. Don’t give up. Don’t stop moving.

    Cause on that journey to achievement … someone … or some thing … just might (and usually does)reach back at ya!

    Good luck Alejandro with the winners.

    And good luck to all you Success Fools out there!!

    Chris Flores
    The Merchant From New York City

  42. says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I’ve been absorbing all kinds of internet marketing information for a year now, and I’m ready to put it into action–but I don’t know how to build that list and really get the ball rolling.

    You should select me because I’m smart and hard-working (I went to school for 25 years)–and creative. I also have a product/service in mind that helps parents and children better understand history, art, culture, and science–and it presents these topics in a way that’s far more thoughtful and interactive than competing products. I need your help to learn how to market and promote it.

    I’m also a very helpful person; I can help others with ideas and technical tips and motivate them as we work through the course together.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    It will help me take those next necessary steps. Right now I’m stuck in that paralysis stage that so many people experience, and I need someone to coach me in the right direction.

  43. says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    Hi my name is Marvin. I have been sitting here reading what everyone has said, and trying to come up with something that hasn’t already been mentioned. But to be honest they all have valid reasons compared to mine.I will be forward. I want to take more action with my life and business. I have been overloaded with so much information over the pass few years to where it’s sometimes hard to see straight. This guidance you could provide would be priceless! This is obviously a golden opportunity to take anyone’s knowledge and business to the next level. My heart jumps with excitement just knowing what this could lead to. I also think we could really enjoy working together. I understand having that passion and I love to share it with others like yourself.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    There is the financial benefits from that this opportunity could bring. Though I can also see the mental and emotional benfits of it all. Being able to finally break free from all the fogginess of internet marketing and see clearly would be worth it alone. I do have a website( that I enjoy working on, and to take the knowledge you can provide me would allow for me to improve upon it and dupilicate my success with future sites. Also to add I would love to be social marketing rockstar.

  44. says

    Hi Alejandro,
    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    My personal motto is leave no stone unturned. I am like a dog attached to the leg of your pants that you cannot shake off, I never give up. When I am passionate about something I am obsessive compulsive and I keep at it until I get what I want.
    This is the level I am at with internet marketing and social media marketing. I have been experimenting and learning but have not made the right connection yet. I am ready to take the next step to create a wildly successful online business.

    All I need is help from someone like you Alejandro, someone who is willing to mentor and share their knowledge with me, which would allow me to take my abilities to the next level. I am successful at anything I put my mind to. I’m ready and capable of learning and applying and sharing the information I learn.

    I am frustrated with my lack of progress sometimes but I see each day as a new day, one with the opportunity to create the business I know can be had. I feel the setbacks but it does not take long for me to overcome that negative feeling and get right back up on my feet and start moving forward again.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 16 years, I homeschooled my two kids and also was a “professional” volunteer. I have raised over $150,000 for various non-profits in my community. I have given my time as a volunteer freely for the past 16 years. Previous to being at home, I was a forester and I fought forest fires all over the Western US. I can go the distance.

    My son is 18 and just graduated and is going to college next year. My daughter is 14 and going to HS next year. I would like to take some stress off my husband of being the sole financial support of our family. Now that my kids are getting older, I have more time to put into a business. I am way too independent to work for anyone but I am very good at networking with people. I am known in my community for my ability to network and get along with all kinds of people.

    I want to have the money to contribute to the causes I support and believe in. I want to have income and time to travel.

    Creating my rockstar niche online would allow me to crate a 6 figure income so I can do the things I want to do. Much of it involves helping others and contributing to my community in a meaningful way either with my time or with my financial resources.

    All the best to everyone here requesting your help and thanks for the opportunity to capture your attention.

    Warm regards,
    Erin Ely

  45. Catherine says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    We’re already successful on the internet marketing world but have implemented very little Web 2.0 in our strategy. I can definitely learn from this coaching and we implement everything we learn. We’ll be your next success story!

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    It will help my business and future businesses draw tons of traffic to our website, get the word out about our business, get the phone ringing and the sales rolling!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  46. Pam says

    Why should I be chosen?
    Hi Alejandro, like quite a few of the posts I am a relative newby to Internet/Social marketing. I’ve signed up (and paid quite a bit) for a couple of different online courses over the last year or so however get bogged down in the instructions (or they are deliberately missing) and still can’t get to the stage of actually seeing one cent returned.
    As a 60 year old divorced grandmother I really want to be able to earn an income that will see me into financial security for the future and it’s very frustrating wasting money!!.

    How will the Social Marketing Rockstars Program help me?
    Having someone to coach me as well as having someone to answer to, even for only 8 weeks will mean that I have a COMMITMENT to make the most of every single minute during that time to learn as much as I possibly can and I can commit to almost every available hour during that time. I would really love to be successful enough that I can then teach others to gain similar improvements in their lifestyles

  47. Kaisa says

    Dear Alejandro,

    I am enthusiastic and passionate about everything I do. For me there are only two options: do it or leave it and if I do it, then it is always 1000%. And this is why you could chose me!

    Also, I am fluent in 6 languages (German, Polish, Italian, Spanish, French and English) and therefore could spread this around and enlarge the community also to non native English speaking people across the world, even further then it is already now!

    I am absolutely new to the Internet Business World but committed to succeed in here as I have a very concrete goal set that I not only want but will achieve and therfore Failure is not an Option for me! I need to learn what it takes and am ready to do so!

    Thanks to your coaching you would
    1)help me in this “new” world (for me at least)starting to underdtand the different mechanisms
    2) bring me to the important parts and bits of the Internet World immediately without surfing around for weeks without any real results
    3) kick me off in my online adventure
    4) give me more time with my boys and family
    5) even allow me for a few hours of more sleep ;-)) … as I am now developing this online adventure between 9pm and 2am … adn my days start no later than 5.30am …

    Thank you for taking me into your consideration and best regards from Austria

  48. Russ B says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    In response to this question. I have been going through alot of programs online. I have developed numerous sites. I am ready to move to the next step. But I need help. Thats why others are here like me. Social Marketing is a maze for me at this time. I have been watching you on several videos with that girl. To tell you the truth Michelle MacPhearson is awakening me to more potential. Your interview with her gave me some quality insite. If I can get a little connected I will be able to be more effective in helping others and vice versa on the internet.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?
    I will put it to use. Sounds like a good program. Keeping it short and too the point.

  49. Patrick Beaufay says

    Hi Alejandro,

    I am Patrick Beaufay. Let me introduce myself. I live in the Netherlands but I am a French native speaker (belgian nationality). Therefore I speak fluently French, English and Ducth and as 4th language Spanish. I should be great for me to access to your wonderfull package and I guess this one has a huge value!

    1.Why should I be chosen to be a part of your 8 week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program?

    I know that social media marketing if this is done in the right way can generate some traffic. But here I am quite suprised that it can go till a 6 figures online business.

    I wish to be chosen because it really can help me for my blog. I have some success with my blog. The traffic is based on article directories (uniques articles, titles, summaries and author bodies with the Article Post Robot software), Press Release (not with PR Web but well with the Press Equalizer software because it is zero costly monthly payments)and about social media marketing I am using BookMarketing Demon.

    About this last point, I really know now that I have to learn all these strategies about social media marketing. THIS WHY I WANT TO BE CHOSEN.

    2.HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help me?

    I really want to be chosen for the S.M.M. coaching program because I will learn and acquire step by step the knowledge and strategies about social media marketing and how to manage that in best profitable way.

    I find this is quite great as well to have a mentor like you and I certainly follow your remarks and advices because you are a master in this field.

    It should be the top for me to follow this program because I will finally reach with this program my financial independence.

  50. David Chura says

    When some one gives their heart to do research for the benefit of all , and has no consideration for their own life, Uses all their own funds without pay for close to 100,000 hours. Gives every ounce of their intelligence to prove and provide the most important energy of the future. And goes without all the amentities of life. Knowing that without this energy, We will all be doomed. And knowing that almost all the educated derilicts know this is true, and that they have given up trying to figure this principle of CMA energy. Knowing that which one is doing this research and with the finding of this answer, Will definitely stop all pollution , global warming and pollution from all fossel fuels. Needing major finacial help not having the funds to even go see their children and grand children grow up. As the one who needs some help to get their website up to raise funds by donation to speed up their research for the benefit of the human race. As was mentioned by the UN IPCC, last year we have less then 7 years to do something or we are in serious trouble. Do you think this will help me, Or will it help you? Who will this benefit? Me or the children of this world? I know I can’t afford to travel to far and can’t at times even put food on my table because of the seriousness of what I have dedicated myself to doing. May be I ask to much.
    I hope to have my website up online soon, I’m trying for the end of next week sooner if possible. Thank you for hearing me, David Chura

  51. Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of PURE Air says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program?
    I’m an Independent Contractor for the only High Tech MLM company in the U.S. The company has been in business for 20+ yrs but the only way we have any sales success is via direct and/or network marketing…only Contractors do advertising…not the company; the expense prevents much advertising thus few people know about us and our product. The product is unique…it’s scientifically proven to kill MRSA [the superbug found worldwide that antibiotics won’t kill…it’s caught primarily in hospitals and contact sports, etc. and often results in amputation and/or death]. NASA developed the killing technology…it’s used in the Space Shuttle and the Space Station…it’s what keeps the astronauts healthy while sealed in their spacecraft. My success has been marginal because of my lack of network marketing skills and because of my age [I’m 67] and physical condition. I decided a year ago to learn how to market online to avoid having to travel all over “h***’s half acre” to make sales/recruiting presentations. I want to PROVE to myself, you and others that an “old guy” can learn new tricks and use the internet to his advantage for producing income. Having been a very successful technical instructor in industry for many years I will then be able to convey my newly learned “advice and counsel” to other “old guys” who need a way to create income from home without having to invest a fortune to do so. Upon entering your program I’ll follow my own long held motivational slogan…”Where there’s a Will, there’s a way…that’s what I always say! Let’s Saddle Up!”

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?
    Once I have learned the necessary skills I will be able to help others as mentioned above. I will also be able to leave a viable income generating machine for my heirs to work for their future income needs which I know will not be met by Social Security.

    I’m looking forward to your instruction and working together.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. Nick says

    Why should I be chosen?

    I should be chosen because I’m a hard worker and I am just trying to make a living at doing something I love to do. I would use the knowledge gained to it’s full potential. I am relentless in making something work so I would never give up until I am successful.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    It will help me make life better and allow me to be with the love of my life who at the moment lives states away. I would love to be my own boss and be flexible enough to work around her schedule in order to help out with the kids. It would also allow me to spend more time with my parents and my sister.

  53. Donovan Stark says


    Donovan here!

    1. Chose me and I’ll become your number 1 star.

    2. With your instruction, I will become a top insider who’s support you can leverage in the future.


  54. Carol Deckert says

    Wow, what an awesome challenge you presented! Just simply answer 2 questions! Well, you asked, so I’m going to tell you!

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I should be chosen because I already am a Netweaving/Networking Coach and have many connections that I could use to help others get what they need and want. Most of my experience has been offline, and I am learning quite a bit about online networking/social media marketing. Please allow me the honor of sharubg my sphere of influence with others who may need this information to grow their business and in turn, help others – continually paying it forward!

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    This program will help me learn all the nuts and bolts that I have not yet picked up on my own. The quicker I learn and become more proficient in social marketing, the faster I can utilize my connections to help others! Information that I learn is always passed on to my connections so by choosing me to participate in your program, more people will learn about your program and will want to sign up on their own to learn more! One of the things I do is spread the word when someone has great information to share!

    Beyond all doubt, I do believe that I should be chosen to participate in your Rock Star program! I’ve been following you and love reading about what you are doing and teaming up with Michelle has been a great addition!

    I’m eagerly waiting for your email and looking forward to getting started with you!

    Netweaving works – Paying It Forward is the best way to network!

    Connect with me!
    Carol Deckert, Netweaving Coach
    Skype: Deckert1116

  55. Gail says

    Hi Alejandro.

    1. My previous career on a high note when I was honoured as the Winner of the Australian Achiever Award. The company I worked for closed its doors 18 months ago when the owner retired. I was excited about starting a new career as an internet marketer and invested all my severence pay into a Mastermind course with a well-known online millionnaire, who promised to personally coach me when he came to Australia for a seminar. In all, I invested $US15,000. The seminar never happened and he will not refund my investment. (I could tell you the full story, but not here.)

    To cut a long story short, I lost all my money and now have nothing. To say that I was a FOOL is an understatement!

    So after learning some tough lessons I would be forever grateful for the opportunity to become SUCCESSFOOL! (Great name, by the way.)

    2. I have a lot of “offline” business experience and would now like to become SUCCESSFOOL online. I have two niches in which I believe I can become a powerful force. Both of them would benefit mankind. I think you’ll be blown away when you hear what I’m going to reveal to the world!

    I’m confident that you are the one who can help me with your Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program.

    PS. I always wanted to be a Rockstar and you have the power to make it happen.

    Cheers! Gail.

  56. Nancy Lanier says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    Years ago, I graduated from a major university in Marketing. I worked hard and graduated with honors and I don’t know HALF of what you know about how to market on the internet. It totally amazes me how outdated my degree became the minute the internet hit the scene. I would love to learn from someone who has the passion that you do. I can tell from your videos that you are a very easy going person and I trust you. (Of course you have the same first name as my son’s best friend too……so you’re only the second Alejandro I’ve ever met – well sorta met!). Anyway, I know that if you chose me, I would bring all that same passion to the project that you have and I would absorb like a sponge everything you taught me. I want to succeed at internet marketing, but there are so many scams out now that it’s hard to know which way to turn.
    I would love to be chosen because I’ve been searching for years and I’m MORE than ready……I’ll take the bull by the horns and I’ll run with it. I would love to work with you.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?
    It will help me succeed at something that I’ve only been able to be a “dot collector” for for years. Let me explain: my first job I was wanting to step out of the gate and be an expert right off the bat. My boss at that time(best boss I’ve ever had in the corporate world) told me that I was just collecting dots for the first six months and to be patient. That one day it would all finally connect and I’d have a complete picture. Well for the last two years, I’ve been collecting dots, but I haven’t found the right professional to help me see how to connect them and believe me……I really truly WANT to connect them! I want to do better financially so I can help other people. This is something my husband and I have wanted to do for such a long time, but at the present we don’t make enough income to be able to do those things. I know that your coaching program would help me be able to reach other people because I have tons of ideas (really good ones), but just don’t know how to get them out there. Please pick me! I would absolutely love the opportunity.

  57. Rob Hawthorne says

    Hi Alejandro,

    Great timing for your contest…

    A little bribe…

    How would you like to get your name out to
    thousands of people interested in social media?

    More on this in a moment…


    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week
    Social Media Marketing Coaching Program?

    Here’s the deal… I’ve been in the IM world for the past
    9 years, full-time for the past 6 years.

    Underground for most of those years using different pen
    names and hiding in the shadows of the dark Internet
    Marketing alleys.

    The reason I should be chosen is for several reasons:

    1. I’d be able to share a lot of information and ideas
    with others on your calls. I’ve also been copywriting
    for the last few year,s and I have helped others sell
    several million dollars of products through my writing
    and product launches. Learning how to write copy
    that truly attracts readers to your blog, website, etc.
    is a much needed skill in Social Media Marketing.
    I’d be willing to share some of the secrets I’ve been
    keeping that I’ve never shared…

    2. Over the last month, I’ve been working with a
    very well known marketing company. I was brought
    on board to come up with a very, very unique launch
    idea for some of their products. I came up with the
    idea, ran it by them, and for the last several weeks
    I’ve been working with designers, programmers,
    writing countless pages of copy, and planning what
    could become the most talked about contest on
    the Internet.

    At the very least… the most viral!

    And the best part?

    Social Media plays a VERY big roll in this. By choosing
    me, I will also provide you with the opportunity to be
    one of the first to learn about this – providing you a
    massive head start on your marketing.

    Oh, and in case I forgot to mention, there will be
    some incredible commissions to earn from directing
    people to a free contest.

    How? Can’t tell you here…

    Once you choose me, I’ll share a secret 8 minute
    video I created for high level JV partners that
    explains everything.

    And believe me… you will want to promote this
    to the world using every possible social media
    marketing trick you know.

    This is going to be BIG.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching
    program help you?

    I’ve spent six-figures on my marketing education
    over the years. No not school – I’m talking ebooks,
    courses, seminars, etc. I learned early on that the
    more you invest in your marketing education, the
    more your income goes up.

    Funny how that works, huh?

    Social media has been one of my main focuses
    for quite some time now and I’m sure that I’ll
    not only get a lot out of what you’ll be teaching,
    but I’ll also be able to contribute if needed.

    And now for the big pitch…

    Because the contest that I’ve created for this
    multi-multi-million dollar Internet Marketing
    company is about to go into pre-launch, I will
    be looking to interview a couple of social
    media experts like you. This could lead to
    having THOUSANDS of people being exposed
    to you.

    Maybe tens of thousands… maybe more…

    So it’s a win-win for us both for me to
    win the contest. I get into your course,
    provide some of my secrets/thoughts if
    needed on your calls, I let you in on this
    huge contest that I’ve developed for a big
    Internet Marketing company, and allow you
    to be one of the very few that we will allow
    to promote it.

    Hurry – we’re launching the contest to
    everyone in the company to try out on
    Friday to make sure everything works the
    way it’s supposed to.

    If all goes well, we’ll be launching the
    pre-launch on Monday.

    So again, your timing is PERFECT.

    This is a huge opportunity for you.

    Look forward to hearing from you on this
    win-win deal!


  58. Anthony says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program?

    Throughout my life I’ve been very self-disciplined in everything I do. I never quit at what I’m trying to achieve. I already have experience in the field of marketing through Article Marketing and Search Marketing. My technical skills range from PHP to Windows Applications to Cluster server building so there’s no trouble there. I have lots of freetime currently and this will really help me put it to good use by being able to learn Social Marketing as thats a field I have just started to learn about. Thats another great reason to pick me, I’ve just started so I already have the basic ideas of what needs to be done. I’ll spend hours upon hours trying to perfect the methods that you teach me until I can do every method flawlessly and doing it without really thinking about it. I enjoy dedication and strive for quality in my work whether it be school, my job, or just life in general. I’m always trying to better myself in everything. I also enjoy overcoming challenges as that really boosts my level of self-esteem saying that I can do something.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    The Social Marketing Rockstars course will help me be able to market in a new age of media. With some more common forms of marketing starting to go by the wayside, Social Media is upcoming and hot. I need to keep up with the industry standards and possibly a step ahead of the game inorder to better myself and strive for perfection. I also am going to need the money that I can earn from Social Marketing Rockstars through affiliate programs to help me through college and the likewise. I think this would help me being able to finally tap into the secrets that the gurus just don’t give out for free. It will also help me to be able to build a list of contacts from the other attendees so I have people to turn to and help whenever someone has a problem. That would be taking the whole Social Media Marketing a step further by being able to socially interact with other Social Marketers. This will also help me market my ideas and theories that I often have so I can see what shows a good interest and what doesn’t.

    The above is why and how this will help me. As you can see, I’d be prime candidate for this program.

    Have a good day!

  59. Connie LeGendre says

    Hi Jandro,

    Like you, people have shortened my real name (Conchita), so I’ve taken the liberty to use your nickname for that reason and because as a septegenarian (person in her 70’s) I don’t think you’ll find it disrespectful.

    My life has been a long list of luck and happy coincidences. I was lucky enough to take a computer course in 1984 on the Radio Shack TRS-80 (then called the Trash 80). I say “lucky” because in my 70’s I’m still facinated by the computer and feel it’s going to be my saving grace.

    Add to that the fact that I unofficially retired just before the turn-of-the century to take care of my failing parents and depleted almost all of my savings and began living on–at that time–less than $500 per month Social Security. Now, some would say: Where’s the luck in that?

    Well, it made me look for other alternatives for income. I won’t go into that at length, but suffice it to say, I was able to keep my head above water. And then the “Internet.”

    I have spent several years and an embarrassing amount of dollars trying to start a successful internet business with absolutely no success. Needless to say, if you are in this long enough, things change. And the change is “social marketing/networking.”

    I would really like to be chosen so I can make enough money to not be a burden to my children–first and foremost. So far so good in that area (luck). And I would like to do it on the internet. Although I’ve taken a job, I don’t know how much longer it will be possible to drive to client’s houses and make presentations and hope to earn commissions. I would like to think it could be until…well, we don’t have to go there. It’s hard to get a j-o-b (just over broke) in your 70’s.

    There are still some things I would like to do and I think that getting my internet business up and earning will help me do that.

    That’s why I would like you to pick me, and that’s how I think this could change my life. Thanks for listening.


  60. Arina says

    Thank you for a great opportunity! So many great applications so far, I almost feel like it’s no point to post my comment. But I’ll still try. :)

    I’m in self-help niche for over 5 years, and I just became interested in social marketing a couple of months ago. I’ve tried blogging, twittering, and facebook marketing, but with no great success. I feel that I just need a right guidance to make social marketing work for my business.

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??
    – Because I’m a doer.
    – Because I have time and motivation to act on the information I receive.
    – Because I apply what I learn.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?
    It will take my business to a whole new level. I’ve hit a plateau a year ago and my business stopped growing. I’ve tried a lot of things, but I feel nothing is working. Social marketing is just what I need to keep my business growing and continue helping as many people as I can. So, basically it will not only help me and my family, it will help thousands of people to discover the services I’m offering and make their life an ultimate success.

  61. says

    I have the ability to realize that this is an ingenious way of getting free content for your website. Each contestant gives details reasons for wanting to win your 8-week social media marketing program – in itself a brilliant piece of marketing strategy. This is why I would want to learn from an industry master such as yourself.

    Being an out of the box thinker, I would be able to use your tips and tricks to come up with various ways of spreading my messages socially and virally online to achieve ultimate success in time.
    wedding dress store online

  62. Greg says

    I can give you 1000’s of reasons on why “I want” you to choose me but I won’t.

    I am going to give one statement as why to pick me.

    I need a someone to show me the correct methods to successful marketing. Need being the operative word.

  63. says

    Hi Alejandro,
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to comment.
    Well,what can i say…
    I came from Argentina in 1995 to the United States,trying to reach the American dream,i’ve worked very hard like many of you.
    I’ve had many difficulties,(one was the language)but i never give up,God help me a lot.
    I’m 38 years old, married,not kids yet and i wanna say thank you to this country for giving me the opportunity to live here..this year will be USA citizen.
    I don’t want to impress you saying this,just wanted to say something about me.

    1)I want to be part of the 8 weeks coaching,i started to work online 2 years ago,selling other people’s products,i want to learn more about social media and i think you’re the right person to teach me how to drive it.

    2)Learn more about social media will help me a lot for my business,i need to be there,i want to quit my job(i’m faux finisher,i know how to decorate walls with specials techniques),hope to create my own product about faux finishes,but i also love internet marketing and i must be there to learn much more about social media.

    Talk soon Alejandro,
    you can call me the Painter,

  64. Greg says

    You asked

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    If I named every reason I feel you should choose me your blog would be clogging not bloging the Internet with strings of type. I know out of all of your choices it is going to be hard to pick a winner for the program.
    To convey a message on a blog over the Internet is an extremely useful tool in inter human communication. I say tool because we as humans communicate in a variety of ways.
    Some people like reading, some seeing and others like to listen.
    Understanding how to use tools is the key to anything being built.
    I want to build a successful Internet business and I believe your tools are the right tool for the job.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    The first thing is I know at the end of the program I am going to have a product that I can market with resale rights.
    More so that anything the old saying “if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day and if you teach a man to fish you feed him for life”. I believe the Coaching program will change my life as well as many people I help on an ongoing basis. So let’s go fishing coach.

    BTW, I do not intend on taking what I learn and blasting it out over the internet.

  65. Kevin says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    Alejandro – your valuable student slot will not be wasted because it was ‘free’. Taking action and showing the value of the course will be the goal. You will be provided my data to show the impact on my business – because I know what to track, and how to track it.

    I’m committed to attending all the lessons and following through on the strategies presented to me.

    Will even paid students make that commitment?

    What I’ll bring is a strong desire to learn what you have to offer and implement it. And no doubt, a new friend could be found. Over-the-top claims on how this is going to benefit you will have to be left to others.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    SMRC will help me:
    Expand my network to reach a larger audience.
    Help me to leverage network contacts to find opportunities.
    Develop more friendships that make business fun!

    This is the break-out year.

  66. Jeff Scott says

    Hi Alejandro,
    This is a great offer you are making.

    1. I am presently building an investment social network. I’m putting together the technical end of the site with mashup etc.
    I need help in the area of building the social end of this project. When I get this all put together it will be an international
    hub where average joes can come and participate in providing and accessing funding for their alternative investment projects.
    This site will help a lot of people to grow their portfolios at unheard of rates of return. It will literally allow social flocking
    and social due dillegence to function in an open information marketplace. This will be freely accessable.
    This is why I should be chosen – it will change a lot of peoples’ lives.

    2. I expect your course to provide me with social connection to market this project above and beyond the SEO methods to
    acquire real socially viral traffic -beyond PPC -beyond Search engine placement – and provide independence through
    diversification marketing. I expect to get rich but that is really a side product of providing value to as many as possible.

    I hope you will choose me. I think this hub I am setting up could also introduce many financially capable but not internet
    savie people into the IM market. A doorway to even more opportunities.

    Sincerely motivated,

  67. says

    1. Why me?
    I am a former attorney turned stay-at-home mom with an internet based parent coach business. The information I share in my Platinum Parenting workshop turns parenting stress into parenting joy. Parents today want to do things differently, but the result has been disrespectful, uncooperative children. Just watch Supernanny. I have simple methods that really work, but I need to get my message out to modern parents who are all social media savvy. I, however, need help mastering social media marketing.

    2. How will it help me?
    Mastering social media through your course will get my message to parents and help them have a more joyful life and raise responsible, respectful kids. After all, children are our most precious resource — let’s raise ’em right and enjoy the process. By choosing me you are giving many more parents the opportunity to learn my methods.

  68. joel says


    Nice video presentation. I know it takes getting out of your comfort zone to do that.

    I like your angle or “niche”.

    I’d like to give you the chance to prove your in the “mastermind” guru league of the Eben Pagen’s, Jeff Walker’s, Jeff Johnson’s, Perry Marshall, Frank Kern’s, Andy,Brad, Shawn, Casey, and Rappin’ Matt’s, etc… of the internet marketing world.

    I’m looking to “launch” in the near future and to affiliate with the BEST.

    Understanding and involving the social web 2.0 world and the experts in it could help complete the launch and provide me and those involved with a more rounded “success”.

    I like your passion and genuiness. If you would like to offer me one of the three spots, I will give it my full attention.

    Perhaps we can joint venture or team up at some point to market and attract super affiliates through my testimony of your knowledge and your products.

  69. Ivona says

    This is something I was looking for, to meet somebody who can show me the directions.
    1/THE REASON WHY I SHOULD BE CHOSEN is not because I’m better than others or need this more than others, but because I want to learn Social Media Marketing to prove there is no limitation for me or anybody else for that matter, in what we can accomplish and how far we can go. I want to believe in what my boss once told me, that I could be successful in whatever I choose to do. I chose Internet as my next challenge and I want to succeed. Isn’t it what we all want? After all whether I will be chosen or not, I won’t quit trying, but having a mentor like you, would help a lot.
    2/HOW THE SOCIAL MARKETING ROCKSTARS COACHING PROGRAM WILL HELP ME? It will give me more power to do what I’m already doing, looking for new ways of making money and enjoying my life in the process. It will allow me to learn new things. It will give me tools to go further and reach higher than I thought I could. It will allow me to help others: my parents, my kids, strangers…. Benefits are endless.
    Thanks for this great opportunity and I hope to hear from you soon.

  70. says

    Hello Alejandro,

    Ok…let’s see. Let me say first that I don’t want to offend anyone here. You are all rockstars in my book! But one of these spots is mine so good luck to the two other openings ;P

    I should be chosen to be a part of the 8 week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program because:

    I’m totally a rock star and the group would benefit from my participation! haha I’m just kidding ok? (..not about the rock star part though ;-P ) but seriously would love to be part of your coaching group because after listening to your call with Michelle, I realized how slimy internet marketing has become and I was quickly getting sucked in that direction.

    I’ve studied and implemented many of the “advanced techniques” (which has cost me a pretty penny but an investment worth paying for!) and have had good success because of my dedication but to be truthful, not the fulfilling experience I have been looking for.

    Making money is everybody’s goal here and sure there are plenty of people who’s comments on this blog are heartfelt and they totally deserve this coaching to help them to make their first dollar online. Shoot, I’ll be cheering them on, but you and I know that as great as your course is going to be, it’s not an “EASY BUTTON” and if someone’s mindset and core business principles are not in place then your course will just go to waste. That would be a shame :(

    I’m ready…I’ve got a rockstar business setup…now take me to the next level Alejandro!

    How will the Social Media Marketing Rockstars Coaching Program help me?

    This coaching program will help me party more like a rock star! I knew it was bad (or good depending on how you see it) when Sherman Hu walked up to me and said, “hey Mark, I heard from Jeff (Johnson) that you are a party animal!”

    Joking aside (I can’t help it)..I just want to escape the “boring-ness” of IM, press releases, directory submission, articles…yuck. Okay, I know that we still have to do those things but after listening to your call with Michelle a lightbulb went off in my head and I quickly changed my approach.

    Lo and behold…I now get a steady trickle of new followers on Twitter! Interacting and maintaining this relationship though is a challenge, slowly I’m doing ok and I’m sure I can figure it out but I know for a fact that this coaching will make a MONSTROUS difference and make me a true rockstar! Please continue to train me in ways to not drip “slime” on my new friends!

    Thanks for all you do and Rock on!

    Mark R
    Custom Motorcycle Rockstar

    ps..hmm maybe I should include some gratuitous pleading and tell you my birthday just passed. Gemini’s are social butterfly’s just needing the right medium to do it in ;P

    pps…or tell you that it is also my birth year on the Asian calendar..the Year of the this is my year and this coaching program would be a highlight!

    ppps…can’t you tell I’m an internet marketer with all the ps’s? Help me stop the madness and usher in the new age of social media..I want to grow up in this industry to be like Alejandro “The Social Media Rockstar”

  71. Ivona says

    This is something I was looking for, to meet somebody who can show me the directions.
    THE REASON WHY I SHOULD BE CHOSEN is not because I’m better than others or need this more than others, but because I want to learn Social Media Marketing to prove there is no limitation for me or anybody else for that matter, in what we can accomplish and how far we can go. I want to believe in what my boss once told me, that I could be successful in whatever I choose to do. I chose Internet as my next challenge and I want to succeed. Isn’t it what we all want? After all whether I will be chosen or not, I won’t quit trying, but having a mentor like you, would help a lot.
    HOW THE SOCIAL MARKETING ROCKSTARS COACHING PROGRAM WILL HELP ME? It will give me more power to do what I’m already doing, looking for new ways of making money and enjoying my life in the process. It will allow me to learn new things. It will give me tools to go further and reach higher than I thought I could. It will allow me to help others: my parents, my kids, strangers… Benefits are endless.
    Thanks for this great opportunity and I hope to hear from you soon.

  72. Jerry V says

    I feel like this is our “Flavor of Love” Casting Tape Submission 😉

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I’ve helped promote some of the top videos and channels on YouTube over more than a year. You’ll be surprised who’s used my service and the fame/success it has brought them. I’ve created a successful business consulting and promoting hundreds of videos there and plan to expand to other social systems.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    Timing is just right, as now my existing client base is large and primed for the new areas of expansion. Long had the new site domain and design being finished. Would really like the association with this group and with the system.

    You can’t afford being antiSocial.<– Hows that for a Motto

  73. Sheryl says


    If you choose me for your 8-week social media marketing program, I will benefit from strong commitment, work ethic, attentiveness and my ability to follow industry leaders like yourself.

    I have been online since 1999, am determined to make a good living from my hard work and grow successful businesses. In other words, I am hungry for success so I don’t have a lot of time to waste.

  74. Valarie says

    I first want to thank you for the potential opportunity. Your program sounds awesome.
    1. Why me? When I think on that question the first thing that comes to mind is my purpose in life; I want to assist other people to recognize and obtain their goals and missions in life. I think there is nothing more amazing in life then to recognize what your purpose is – what you are good at and live life doing exactly that. I want to be a great informational resource for any and everyone who needs my help. In doing this I not only help people reach their goals and live a life they love, it allows me to do the same. You can’t beat that, but in order to assist others I have to continually grow, learn and become that resourceful person. I believe your program would assist in continuing to do just that.
    2. How will Social Marketing Rockstar help me? It would help me in a number of ways. First it would help me get out of a comfort zone that presently has illustrated no major success. I know I need that knowledge and push to get me out there. Second, it would expand my network and assist me in building a great business. Third, it would assist me in becoming the business person I aspire to be which in turn would again (as stated above) assist in helping others (which is my goal). Now on more of a personal level, yes I am very interested and passionate in helping others (I have done many projects for free) but I want to enrich my own life as well. I am a single mother of two wonderful boys. I am doing everything on my own and would love to show them an elevated picture of what hard work and success can bring.
    I hope to be one of the chosen 3, but if not I hope for much success for those that are picked.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  75. Sharon M. says

    Q1. Why should I be chosen?

    Because the synchronicity of this timing is incredible. I am a newly full time entrepreneur. All of a sudden a couple of my web clients want me to take advantage of this ‘web 2.0′ and ‘social networking’ thing. I’ve been scrambling, researching, applying, reviewing and then spending yet again to redo the cycle. And then I stumbled across this contest. I so need the methods to apply that work, a manageable learning curve and not having to reinvent the wheel so to speak would be such a welcome relief…and fun!

    Q2. How will the coaching program help me?

    The benefits of this program for me would be enormous! Shortened learning curve and more rapid application will help my bottom line, my family (I will be using the web to market my husband’s books as well)- and with knowledge of the proper steps, application and mentoring I will finally be able to experience success and make them proud, my clients will benefit from the newfound knowledge as it will help their online experience. Last but not least; peace of mind–the kind that comes from proper action steps instead of 4 steps forward 3 steps back–the kind that comes from being able at the end of the day to see results and say, “well done.”

  76. Heidi Ross says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    Because I am easy to work with and I am a quick learner. I believe in furthering my education when it comes to my business and know that it is a never ending process.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    I want to get my business going so that I can stay at home for my daughter. When working outside the home she doesn’t get to do much with me and my husband working. If I can not get something going within the next couple months than that means I will have to work outside the home.

  77. says

    Hi Alejandro,

    First of all Namaste (Hello) _/\_ from Pune, India and a BIG thank you for starting this wonderful contest.

    1. WHY should I be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    Reason: As of now, I am totally black with regards to Social Media marketing and SEO. I am a good listener and follower and will follow every instruction you give. Trust me, I will be a worthy student of your esteemed coaching program. If I win a free seat, I promise to pay you the course fee if you think I haven’t been a good student. Before attending your webinar couple of weeks, I honestly never thought Social Media marketing would be so BIG and serious stuff. I always thought it was just a cool thing to do and nothing more. Right now, I am one of the 20 really lucky and fortunate mentees of Michelle MacPhearson’s coaching program. I am just beginning my online journey and what better person than Michelle and you to hold my hands and guide me along.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help me?

    Ans. Right now I have a job which gives me a three figure income and if I am selected and win a free seat to your esteemed coaching program, I will graduate fast to a four figure income and finally afford to get married and have a wife. For most people that may sound funny, but trust me I am really serious. My life will be a whole lot different from the (huge) additional income I will earning thanks to the knowledge I learn from you (and Michelle).

    Here’s wishing all the best to all the participants for the 3 most coveted seats in the Internet marketing world.



  78. Johanna C says


    I’m so glad I’m not you!!
    Be Brave my friend and be strong..
    You are going to need it.

  79. Myriam De Clercq says


    1. Why should I be chosen?

    I am not a US citizen, which makes me possibly even more motivated to be a citizen of the world, and what better medium to accomplish that is there, than becoming a full-blown citizen of Web 2.0?

    I am interested in a lot of things; what I know, I want to learn to share with people that share those interests, so I can help influence their lives in a positive way.

    Like so many people, I suffer from information overload: this steals away way too much of my time and energy. I want to stop searching, and devote my time and energy to constructive things. Not only that, but I also want to be there for the people I share my offline life with, I want to be more available to them, and most of all: see them happy by making their lives more comfortable!

    From a practical point of view:
    – I am highly teachable
    – I have several years’ experience with HTML, JavaScript, aso.
    – language-wise I should be able to perform well on audio or video although the day that I do one, it would be a first
    – I got my feet wet with Web 2.0 principles during last year’s Thirty Day Challenge.

    2. How is this going to change my life?

    If the life of my loved ones can be more peaceful and comfortable, automatically so will be mine. And being able to focus on one working environment, see one clear path to follow, I can stop wasting time trying to open closed doors, and last but not least: start giving back more than I receive!

    Be well, everyone…

  80. Timothy Carter says

    Alejandro…what an incredible offer man! :) After reading your post and watching the video…so many people are going to be RICHLY blessed by the knowledge that you are offering.

    And from the MASSIVE response I’ve read so far, there are DOZENS of people who are HUNGRY to make an impact in people’s live (and that includes their family’s) through being educated on the methods to social networking success.

    After reading the responses you’ve received so far, I haven’t decided whether or not to enter simply because so many pure of heart individuals have a desperation to learn.

    Don’t get me wrong brother, I’d be DRAMATICALLY impacted by the opportunity you are offering up! There seems to be many others who are in more of a need for that knowledge then I.

    Great idea Alejandro. Continue to give…it will come back a hundred fold! The seeds you’re sowing are starting to grow.

  81. Otu says

    i should be choosen because for the past two years i have been searching for how ican make money on the net . presently i am looking for sucessful tips on affiliate marketing. Hence, i thing social rock is one among many things i have been searching for.

    This will help me to further my traning in IT industry. I got talent in this area but lack of funds have been a major hindrance. I think with this opportunity i will hit my destiny.

  82. Jason says


    1. WHY should I be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I am a prime candidate. I have a need that we both acknowledge. With your experience & my commitment to lifelong learning, YOU are bound to get a bumper ROI for your talent, time, energy & effort.

    Being united in cause, YOU will continue to build a legacy from the fruit of my participation.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help me?

    Many people highlight the urgency for me to get my “product” released into the marketplace. Top 10 lists & News feeds confirm the same. The need is identified. The solution is approaching birth. Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program will provide the tools necessary for an effective delivery, wider platform & global reach. Something that’s life-giving and altruistic needs to be done with urgency but also excellence. That’s why I need to be a Rockstar!


  83. says

    Hi Alejandro,

    Please permit me to thank you for this opportunity and integrate my response to your two questions, giving the reasons why I believe I should be chosen to be part of your coaching program in order that I may be yet another catalyst in the drive to help me to help others in their online endeavours.

    Like yourself, I happen to be a peoples’ person and would love nothing better than to assist, interact and go crazy MAD (making-a-difference) in other peoples’ lives while
    providing value to those individuals who are otherwise finding it difficult to get reprieve from their daily grind.

    After retirement from the corporate world to help care for my grandkids, the timing was right for me to embark on lifelong learning to get successful online to show others how to do it. However, having tried a little of everything and perhaps due to there being so many opportunities that my focus has not been on one particular program, I have yet to move forward to my goal, although I must admit that I’m enjoying the ride.

    Like the saying goes though, when the pupil is ready the master will show up; it is perhaps now when my true successfool master is on the horizon, beckoning me to follow him. During this time of disasters, housing problems and food shortage people like us have to work harder to pool our blessings and gather a lot of resources in order to share with the masses that need it. I am already starting to share at which is a positive way of providing tangible assistance to the enterprising in third world countries.

    I have just viewed the movie Kungfu Panda where the dragon master exclaimed the age-old saying that the past is history, the future a mystery and the now a gift which is why it is also called the present…and I strongly believe that I am about to receive my present from someone to become like him in order to influence more to be successful so that there is more of us to help share and care for those in dire need of simple sustenance: . There is also the belief that when the pupil is ready the master will show up, so may the force always be with you, Successful Rockstar Master!
    ps: I just realised that this submission may be too late but anyways wanted you to know that there is someone far away that thinks you are a great guy and wishing there are more of you. Love to your little baby.


    why i think i should get picked? well Alejandro let me start by saying hello new friend. i have alwayz looked for a mentor to point me in the right direction and well u are that direction. I’m a young 24 yr old with ambitions in life and would love the chance to grow at your side, so do me the favor and pick me. ALL i wanna do is learn the right formula and i c u have something good going on here… helllllllllllllppppp me hermano…
    I’m trying to take my ideas and talents international as well as national.



  85. Victor says

    Hi Alejandro,

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    What can I say other than the fact that I’ve lived a very sheltered life? I think a lot of this was due to my upbringing. Now, without going into too much detail and making this sound like a SOB story, I will explain why:

    My mother and I fled from an abusive husband/father when I was 11. During the initial years of our escape, we had to pretty much hide ourselves from the public eye, never disclosing many details about “who” we were in fear of this man finding and coming after us. I think this mentality pretty much carried over into my adult life as I took on the persona of someone that witnessed most of their successes and failures in privacy. Sure, I’ve built a few websites and setup a blog in the past, but I could never seem to make the connection that I was not getting anywhere because I was an UNKNOWN. After all, how can we become somebody if we are nobody, especially online?

    All of that changed many months ago when my friends and family encouraged me to get a Myspace account. I was hesitant for awhile, but then one day, I decided to JUST DO IT! It must have been, at that moment, when I had this revelation: It told me that I no longer had to live in fear and I could just be myself. It literally changed my life in an instant! I then went on to build facebook, youtube, squidoo, digg, and twitter accounts (which by the way, that’s where I first found out about you!).

    So, if you ever wanted a candidate that WILL make the most of this coaching program AND has the potential of a Social Marketing Rockstar, then I couldn’t think of anyone better than myself.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    First and foremost, it will help me establish more relationships with people that are interested in what I am interested in. Not only the mentors such as you and other successful people that will be presenting the material, but my counterparts that would be embarking on this journey with me. Like you said in one of your videos, “you make more in volume working with people than working by yourself”.

    In addition, there’s so much more that I have to learn. I mentioned all the Social Websites above that I signed up for and I’ve finally reached a comfort zone where I can be myself, but now I find myself asking the all too common question, “NOW WHAT?!”.

    In closing, I just want to mention that I want what everyone else wants that posted on here (yes, I read them all). It boils down to living life in the pursuit of happiness. We all know that happiness entails so many things, among them succeeding in business. However, I think that the most important thing is celebrating relationships and being everything that we can be to the people that we encounter on this journey. Combine the two things I mentioned above and you have the recipe for a Social Marketing Rockstar!

    Best of luck to everyone and me :)


  86. Serena Mira Asta says

    Dear Alejandro,

    1. Why should I be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    One: I love your style, and think you would be a blast to work with.

    Two: Short version – I’ve been sick ten years. Not on-my deathbed-sick, although there have been moments of such pain and misery I felt I could be dying, or maybe should have been, just to get it all over with. The good news is that I’ve just started to turn the corner, and desperately want to start working again. I can’t do anything like my old job (full-time writer, trainer, graphic designer) because I’m still healing. I think your business model and is the answer to helping me start earning a living again.

    Longer version – Over the last decade, I’ve become alarmingly disabled by symptoms that at times looked like MS, ALS, and Alzheimer’s. The disease stole my strength, my ability to do Yoga or even Tai Chi. Pain made it impossible to create anything with my hands, including writing and playing the piano (I had been a performance major in college). There were times I couldn’t open a door, and was so weak I needed a power wheelchair to get around. The illness poked large holes in my short- and long-term memory. It finally stole my ability to earn a living. To my horror, I’ve been unable to work, and have been on disability for the past three years.

    Over eight years, a dozen doctors told me they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. There was nothing they could do. A few others misdiagnosed me with Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, IBS, and /or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    In spite of my failing faith in my self, my body, the medical system, and life in general, I learned that miracles do happen. Especially if you read enough.

    It was about 3 AM, the middle of a cold December night two years ago. I was reading in bed, captivated by acclaimed writer Amy Tan’s memoir called “The Opposite of Fate”. In it, she described a long ordeal with a mysterious illness.

    I turned page after page, breathless. I would have sworn that she was describing MY symptoms, MY life (except for the part about being a famous fiction writer). That early December morning, Amy Tan revealed her diagnosis: Neuro-borelliosis, or neuro-Lyme Disease.

    Because of Amy Tan, I finally knew what was wrong with me. I gave myself a “literary diagnosis” of neuro-Lyme, which was confirmed two months later by a specialist in California. I learned that all my symptoms were classic. That Lyme was epidemic, but that most MDs have no idea how to diagnose it. Most importantly, I learned there was a possibility of treatment – I might be able to recover.

    I’ve been lucky enough to find another Lyme specialist within a three-hour drive from where I live in Minnesota (there are only about 30 qualified Lyme doctors in the USA). My Lyme doc promised me that, though it may take a while, I would eventually turn a corner and remember what my old self felt like.

    I didn’t believe her.

    But I did what she told me to do. I changed my diet, added supplements, went through round after round after round of antibiotics and other medications – some delivered intravenously, some by pills. For the past six months it’s been a shot in the behind two times a week (luckily, my husband is really good with a needle).

    Just two months ago I finally turned that proverbial corner, a year and a half after I started treatment. I’m not in remission yet, but I can almost remember what it felt like to have a fully functioning memory, and energy that lasted a whole day.

    I believe the improvement came not only from my medical and nutritional treatment, but also because I renewed long lost spiritual practices, including complementary healing work. I also changed the way I thought and spoke about myself in relationship to the illness. Once I did that, the change seemed to happen overnight.

    I recently started studying the work of Joe Vitale, Craig Perrine, and Pat O’Bryan. I ran into you on Twitter and began to study your site, and listened to you on a couple of webinars. I’m impressed. I’ve become very excited about the idea of puling my own weight again financially, especially if I can do it in a way that fits my abilities and my values. Your business model, which seems to be building a relationship-based business from the heart – absolutely stuns me as the perfect answer.

    2. How will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help me?

    I hate to admit it (being brought up from proud Norwegian-Lutheran stock), but SSDI pays only about 1?4 of what I used to make in my successful writing, training, and graphic design career. It is not enough.

    Now that I’m FINALLY improving, I need to – I MUST – find a career that excites me, uses my skills, but won’t kill me (it could still be years before I’m in complete remission).

    My heart tells me that your coaching program will help me learn everything I need to be successful in this new, exciting business environment. Your program will help me be able to work again.

    Finally, one of the many lessons I’ve learned during this ordeal is that, even though I’m an oldest child and unaccustomed to needing or asking for help, I now know when and how to do it.

    The fact is I’m completely new to Internet Marketing. I know I have it in me to be successful and to have fun doing it (especially as my brain functions return to me). And I need help.

    I’m asking you Alejandro Reyes, would you please help me?

    Thanks for considering my request.

    Serena Mira Asta

  87. Archer says

    Hi Alejandro,

    I believe I can fly!

    A year ago my wings were nonexistent. My thoughts of flying were limited to thoughts of jumping off my high-rise balcony … where I would not have flown so much — as plummeted. (Thanks Monty Python.) A year of surrounding myself with good caring people, and excellent medical care, has guided me to land emotionally in a great place that is solid, real and exciting.

    I have an enormous amount of appreciation to my wife who during this dark time stood by me in spite of her own health issues that have left her unable to work. Now, it is my turn to take care of her and become the family income provider so she can recuperate and become healthy alongside me.

    I should be chosen because this opportunity is exactly what I need to not just taxi on the runway, but to take-off into the world of internet opportunities and challenges. And to use my God-given talents to financially support my wife.

    In the past year, I have learned to ask others for their support and guidance. Today, I am asking you to choose me.

    My life will change as I become more social and gain even more confidence by enacting your advice.

    I will also be able to achieve my goal of helping others by sharing a portion of my earnings with other people or organizations who could benefit from my help. Being able to help others (more generously) is a very dear personal goal for me and actually feels quite selfish – because I feel very good when I can help others.

    I want to know what it feels like to experience the change in my social networking skills, and increase my confidence, and I want to know how it feels to be very generous.

    Again, I ask you to choose me.

    Thank you Alejandro!


  88. says

    1. I am a 41 year old fashion designer with a store in Chester CT. I had barely turned on a computer when I got the idea to help other designers that are like me. I know there are fashion designers all across the country in the same boat as I. A little fish in a huge ocean.

    So I helped to create a platform where we could all create our boutiques all under one roof. Safety in numbers. I am now in charge of trying to market this platform and as you can imagine am behind the eight ball when it comes to understanding regular marketing, much less the landscape of new social media.

    I am determined to shed some light on indie fashion because not everyone wants or can get a corporate fashion job with a big name and a big brand. The 400+ designers that are already signed up to the site are proof to me that there is a movement afoot. I am incredibly eager to learn. I know this because of what I have been able to accomplish already over the last year and half.I think I would be a good canidate because of all of this.

    2)It would be useful to me because I am already in so many communities and always reading to learn more. I feel your program will help to connect all of it and snap it all into place. When that happens, the sky is the limit.

  89. Ken Eller says

    1. WHY should I be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    Hi Alejandro…I am sure all that comment here are worthy of being exposed to your expertise. My personal objective to be a part of your program is so that while you are enlightening me, I can at the same time return the favor and help you in any way I can with my abilities to grow your business and network…reciprocity is the key to mutual success and life long friendships. I want to contribute and grow a friendship! Just from our brief networking with each other so far through mutual friends(Which is a testament to Social Networking and good people attracting other good people)I feel that we are very inline with each other with values, have common goals and are possibly at very similar points in our lives. I want to surround myself with great people that can raise my game and I want to help raise theirs! AND I feel that you are one of those great people.

    On a business note…I am an action taker. I also appreciate time that is spent by people in my network to help expand my mind and further my business. I feel that when someone donates their time to help others by offering their expertise it should be appreciated and respected.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help me?

    First thing is that I will promptly apply what I learn.
    I am actively working on a project which is a service to launch outside the IM Niche. I feel that it can be heavily integrated with Social Marketing at MANY levels and could be groundbreaking with unthought of techniques! The service is poised to be integrated and powered by social Marketing. I feel that this project gives me the perfect outlet to apply the Social Marketing Rockstar program while creating an awesome Case Study that reinforces Social Marketing has arrived.

    Thank you for extending this great opportunity!

    Oh and one more thing Alejandro…..


    Ken Eller

  90. Mitchell says

    Thank you for your consideration to become a team member of your much needed initiative. By choosing myself we will further the proper methods and ethics of fun and responsible social media advancement.

    My partner and I promote Safe & Secure online communications. We offer a truly effective software and advisory solution for PC users to protect their online identities and private information, such as credit cards, banking information, passwords, and confidential E-mails.

    We would engage with your members to guide and educate responsible individuals to not only enjoy the riches of social media contact but help shield them from those who would take advantage of them. Your knowledge of how to reach and communicate with the social media community would greatly aid our online goals and give us the chance to make NEW FRIENDS.

    Anti Keystroke Logger Software are the silent and invisible invasion which hi-jack your private information. By exchanging your backgrounds and private information by visiting sites on the recommendations of “strangers” you are leaving your identity and financial information open for theft and abuse!

    By choosing myself and we would work with your membership to advance not only Social Media exchanges but safe and secure online communications.

    An opportunity to earn additional income would be made available to QUALIFIED members of

    I would need YOUR tactics and ethical beliefs to communicate properly and with responsibility to the Web 2.0 universe. By learning and adopting your teachings we would gain the trust and respect of the online social media community. This would increase the size and scope of the teachings of Alejandro Reyes.

    By going to the “About Us” page of a more complete overview of my background and Mission Statement would help everyone understand what we can offer.

    Personally, by being chosen by your group I can gain the PROPER & RESPECTFUL way to communicate in the social media universe. I have chosen at this point in my life to help and serve those people who need to protect themselves and their loved ones especially when they are online.

    By helping to establish the right way to communicate in the Web 2.0 universe I should be able to give back to the world the knowledge acquired from a successful online Privacy & Security career. After all we should be able to share knowledge/fun/life experiences and look out for the safety of our new online friends.

    Thank You For Your Consideration: Mitchell

  91. Micheal Savoie says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    Because I am valuable to any social network. Seriously, everyone has the potential to introduce you to the next person who will make a huge difference in your life. Seeing as I am the guy who helps Ken McArthur with his jvAlert Live events, I meet hundreds of marketers and Rockstar Marketers and the very fact that I know them puts them within reach of everyone who knows me!

    That is power networking at its finest!

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    Your course will help me become a Rockstar myself, so that I can help more people achieve their dreams of meeting the folks they need to meet to make changes in their business. In the marketing world, what you know is not nearly as important as who you know and your course will help me leverage that information into a 6 or 7 figure business!

  92. Christopher Horne says

    Christopher Horne
    insidethegod at

    This is super rushed. Pardon the quick put together. If I calculated pacific time properly I found out about this 13 minutes before deadline.

    #1.. it’s not all about me. While I understand that I offer something unique my experience has always been about enriching others. Why I should be one of the ticket holders is because I love people. I need to help people. I need to make a living enriching the lives of people. I need to show my children a genuine way to live meaningful and profitable lives. I know there is an huge audience that will love to be apart of the show I can perform as a Social-Media Rockstar. I’m Mtv generation when they used to play music. Being rockstar is burned into my neurology man! ..Chosen above everyone else.. because then I can share my passion to meet other people’s passion to live lives more extraordinary. I think that’s what it’s really all about. Each one living a life more extraordinary than they ever believed possible. That’s exciting!

    #2.. How will your program help me.. Information is key to any system. I’m diggin your energy. You’ve experienced exceptional individuals and events that have left an indelible mark on your spirit and character and mind. I believe I can procede from the Social Marketing Rockstar event with know-how, experiences and strategies to do what sounds so cliche.. but to make this world a better place on a larger scale than would have been possible without this coaching program.

    #2.5 .. Because I know I’ll be a major player provided I undergo major coaching.

    goodness in- goodness out

  93. Mitch Dominguez says

    Opportunities such as this are unique in ones lifetime. Many folks responding have very valid reasons to learn from what you have to offer. My partner and I strongly feel by coming under your teachings our financial mission and the sharing of our knowledge and life experiences would be advanced to a very high level.

    We provide ANTI KEYSTROKE LOGGER software combined with sound advice for the protection of ones financial information and very online identity and communications. If chosen we would work with all QUALIFIED members of your group to enhance the Privacy & Security of all their online/offline communications and provide Joint Venture opportunities to make significant additions to their INCOME by providing a most needed and wanted Identity and Privacy protection that has no rival or competition.

    Imagine, now you can protect/hide/encrypt all your online communications. Only the parties you wish to see whatever you type on your PC keyboard will actually see it. Credit cards, online banking info, (dangerous at the best of sites), passwords to your private paid for sites, & confidential emails, (especially valuable for online tele-commuting folks). After all there is no valid reason for employers to read EVERYTHING you type on company owned laptops.

    By learning and applying Alejandros’ strategies we would be able to advance not only our monetary goals but by working with the member of would enhance the image and trust factors of all parties. It would be wonderful if would be viewed upon as a most trusted and respected social media force in the online Web 2.0 world.

    Personally, being chosen would give my partner and I the satisfaction of not only providing an extremely valuable product/service but getting to know and help many folks in the online world. If you go to the “About Us” page at you will see our mission. Our life and career experiences will enable us to aid countless good folks in their quest for online Privacy & Security and better relations for all in the Web 2.0 Universe. Our Motto Is This.


    Thank You For Your Consideration: Mitch Dominguez

  94. Stafford "Doc" Williamson says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    If you don’t recognize my name it might be because you haven’t been on the internet for MORE than 10 years. I was “Electronic Ambassador” for the software company who had the first license to make a commercial product from the original “Mosaic” code, I was a member of the “HTML Writers’ Guild” when it was just a mailing list, and a mailing list member of Glen Fleischer’s original “Internet Marketing” list. I have been “online” since the days when “online” mostly meant Compuserve or having you own BBS that was part of the “pony express” relay system for USENET. Yeah, that makes me “old” (compared to most) but that’s not the reason I should be chosen, it is that in all that time online, the BEST week I have ever had in online marketing was in the low four figures, and that week cost me about $50 more for the advertising than I made from sales.
    So, if you can take me, with a history going back that far, never having achieved financial prosperity from all the helpful and well received activities I have been involved in on the net, YOU will not just be a guru, you’ll be a LEGEND!

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    I am a certifiable super genius (some say I am just certifiable) and I love to help people which is why I am determined to make a difference in the world. Obviously excessive modesty is not one of my “flaws”, though in typical absent minded professor fashion I got a fax from the Patent Office this morning asking me to SIGN my credit card form and fax it back to them. I want to change the way we make energy (liquid fuels). See:
    I need the help of hundreds of thousands of people to move the politicians to support the concepts of making fuels from sewage and algae instead of fossil carbons. To do that I need to find a way to build my contacts to leverage their contacts into monetizing an absolutely massive network behind these goals. (Sure there are millions who donate to charities in response to news of public disasters, but for an ongoing organization, profit is a MUCH better motivator.) It is going to take a ton of convincing to move the vested interests to be supportive of the changes (petroleum products have a thousand other uses and with the way the consumer market is growing they’ll have nearly no reduction in demand, and great growth in the longer term, too). I need the support of “green minded” people online to be receptive to buying green products (from me and online partners) that include everything from underground drip watering systems to buying their “How to” books in electronic form because eBooks aren’t grinding up trees.
    If I can become spokesperson to the world for greener fueling technology, and along the way find a way to siphon off a small profit from the marketing of green products, we can change the world.
    It’s a tall order. It’s kind of a “Pay it Forward” thing combined with the “Six Degrees of Separation”, but if we can pull it off, we just MAY be able to save the planet before the momentum of climate change becomes unstoppable. We not only CAN change the world, we MUST change it, and quickly.

    Stafford “Doc” Williamson

  95. Mitch Dominguez says

    All the Best 2 You Good Folks Out There.
    To the winners of this contest congratulations.
    To the others you are still winners because you will try even harder to succeed in using Social Media/Web 2.0 strategies to further your lifes’ goals.

    Please be careful when giving your personal information to strangers over the ‘Net. Avoid going to questionable sites.
    Try to protect your online Privacy & Security while connecting in CyberSpace.

    When you have a chance go to and see how to protect your valuable information about yourself, credit cards, banking information, confidential e-mails.

    Buenas Suerte One & All: Mitch Dominguez

  96. says

    Hi Alejandro,

    Thanks so much for the opportunity, I really like how passionate you are about sharing what you’ve learned, very exciting!

    I signed up for your newsletter, confirmed, and am following you on Twitter! Here’s the answer to your questions….

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I am passionate and commited about using my blog to inform and inspire my readers about how to achieve optimum health and fitness, not only in body but also in mind and spirit, since it’s been my experience that a simple prescription for a diet & exercise program is not always enough – there’s a little bit more that goes into it like changing your mindset, gettig off the processed and fast food, and creating a healthy lifestyle, not a diet.

    So, I’ve been steadily increasing my readership and traffic however I am by no means a master at social media marketing. I’d LOVE to be chosen for a spot in your coaching program so that I could learn more and increase my traffic and readership.

    Another reason I’d be thrilled to be one of the 3 chosen for your mentoring program is because after watching your video above and listening to your webinar with Michelle I can really see and hear the passion that you have for your message. I think I could learn a LOT from you and I’m all about learning more to be successful online.

    I totally agree also, that no one cares about what you have to say until they know how much you care. I’ve noticed others using Twitter for example, to only send out notices about new blog posts but they never interact with people… so I think you’re on the same page and that’s why I would love to learn more from you.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    I believe that your Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program will help me to increase readership and traffic to my blog and what that means is that I’ll be helping more people become successful with their health and fitness goals.

    On my end I want to create a lifestye of freedom, travel, and prosperity for myself and like you (what you talked about in your webinar with Michelle), I have monetary goals, too. 😉

    And overall I believe that your course would help me get better a handle on social media marketing since I’m not an expert at it – sometimes it can be overwhelming and I bet that you have a great way of staying on track with it all.

    Thanks again for the opportunity Alejandro, I’m committed to success.

    P.S. Thanks so much for the suggestion on Tweet Later (in your webinar), those are exactly the kinds of tips that I’d love to learn more about in your coaching program!)

  97. says

    Hello… I love to watch things progress on the web… I keep watching, writing, and learning… Someday, maybe it will be my turn… Maybe with your “rockstar” help…

    1) I’m a way cool guy, with lots of knowledge about many things, it’s too bad, more people don’t know about me… I seem to give my knowledge away for free, most of the time… I’d like to make money with some of it, as well as helping more people with it… I’d be a good student, and a fast learner, so I can only say; “pick me” “pick me”…

    2) I’ve always been a “rockstar”… Maybe I should have the coaching to go with it… I’ll promote you, you promote me, we’ll promote others, Kind of helping each other and more others’… I wonder with all this promoting of each other and other’s others’ who’s going to buy this stuff??

    I deserve to be all over the “social media circus”… Once more “pick me”, “pick me”…


  98. freeepeace says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I’ve spent my life building contacts via social media, yet I don’t have the tools to integrate them into a profitable experience. Enjoyable is great. Profitable is better.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    There’s no other program like it. I’ve been looking. I’m a starving artist with a new CD called Livingroom Superstar. I’d like my next one to be called Worldwide Rockstar. With your coaching program, we could make that happen!

  99. Timothy Carter says

    Alejandro, as I make this post, it’s 3:30 Pacific time on Friday the 13th. What an awesome display of responses you’ve gotten for this incredible opportunity for people to transform the way they do business by being one of the 3 to get it for free! But even more so, the killer way you built your list and the outpouring of people who are looking for what you’re offering! Kudos brother! Stay foolish!

  100. says

    Oh My Gosh! Can’t wait to get over my insomnia this evening so that I will be able to answer the questions in a legit fashion. In the mean time I have been lost in reading much about you. I like you and am certain I will probably benefit more from you than vice versa although will promise you my best stuff.
    On a much different note…My family would identify with one of your commenter’s named Jay so I am at this point I want him to win one of the 3 tickets.
    Yes! I know that you can hardly wait to here my response to the questions but for now I gotta try to get some sleep.
    Goodnight and Thanks for such wonderful words of wisdom for my reading pleasure.

  101. says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    You want me in this course because my participation in the Course is going to take the course to a whole new level for ALL those participating! I don’t just take, I give. It’s apparent to me, Alejandro, that you are where you are because you realize that the true secret to success is giving and then giving some more. You have discovered that in the giving, the magic happens. My participation in this course will be just that – participation – and everyone will win from my being a a part of it!

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    The contacts and new friends I make in this program will be invaluable in the expansion of my online presence and generate idea after idea and I forecast many joint ventures ensuing! Taking the knowledge gained from this 8 week course I will be able to create new opportunities for many and inspire them in turn to do the same. I am a visionary and I see the big picture beyond details and always work toward it. Teach me to fish and I will not only be eating for a lifetime, but will teach many, many others to fish also along the way!

  102. Vicky says

    Vicky Anglin
    yourvoffice at
    The answer to both questions is that I am an Army wife and Mom and don’t have a clue as to where to start so really need the help to learn to make a decent living.I have played at a lot of things but really need help and direction. Thank you for this chance.

  103. says

    1. I should be chosen because I deserve to be chosen. I am a single mom who lost her job last summer and have been taking action daily. I am doing everything possible to make my internet business work not just talking about doing it. I am grateful for everything I have and would be extremely grateful if I were chosen.

    2. This 8 week program would help me get my internet business going. I cannot afford google adwords right now and social media networking is free. I could get leads thru this training so it would benefit me greatly because leads=sales.

    Thank you for considering me for to be one of your 3 lucky candidates.

    Carol Mason 914-391-8489

  104. says

    1. WHY me.

    By choosing me you will be helping children around the world.

    I am not in it for me. I am in it to help feed as many children from all over the world as I can.

    I personally will donate 100% of all funds gathered to programs that help family’s in need.

    2. HOW the Rock stars Coaching program will help me.

    It will help me build a network and teach me how to use the network in a way that I am unaware of as of today.

    All of the moneys from the network will go to feeding children of third world countries.

    By knowing I did my part in helping others and Rock stars Coaching helped me help others is how I would say Rock stars Coaching will help me.

  105. says

    Hey Alejandro…I just popped in to wish you a

    Happy Fathers Day


    Since I hear your a New Dad…I figured she may not be up to telling you yet :-)

    Hope you had an awesome day with your new baby and wife.

    San Antonio

  106. David Mc Donald says

    1. I should be chosen because I want to retire and travel. In addition, I want to be able to help others finianically and to be a success in life. I want to gain knowledge that will allow me to help my family and friends.

    2. I have incurred thousands of dollars in debt and would pay these off and be debt free. I would like to have these paid off this year. Everything I had has gone to doctors and hospitals and I need to start over again soon.

    Thank you for considering me for to be one of your 3 winners.

    David (mandodave) Mc Donald (830) 876-1174

  107. Patrick M. Powers says

    1. WHY should I be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I don’t have any ego – i’m willing to follow your recommendations and advice to the letter
    I’m more hungry than anyone you have met. I’ve made (just barely)a yearly six figure income for the last 4 years and I’m totally committed to get to atleast 300,000 through internet marketing. Im truly ready and committed to go to a whole new level.
    Im disciplined and will implement strategies fast.
    I’m a fast learner, you only have to explain it once for me to do it.
    I’m a giver – i want to help other people get what they want in life.
    Im not a beginner in marketing so you dont have to start from scratch with me
    Im known for following through. When i say im going to do something I do it

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help me?

    It will help me getting the word out there about my personal development systems and communication training, so i can reach my goal of becoming a top network marketing and personal development trainer.

    It will help me lessen stress have more fun and more choices.

    One of the things Im committed to do when I get more time and funds is to create awareness of global pollution and help come up with solutions to help decrease it.

    Im also going to create a charity based school to teach success principles and entrepreneurship to less affluent young people.

    I’ll be able to afford more outsourcing, thereby working less.

    I’ll be able to start living a more balanced life, not working all the time. Ill sleep better and be healthier.

    I’ll have the funds to start up a dream project i’ve been planning for 5 years.

    Thanks for giving me the chance.

    you rock – Pat

  108. bob auxille says

    Hi Alejandro.
    Well to get straight to the nitty gritty, I want to change my life so that I can take my wife on Holiday and give her and my family all the things I would love to be able to provide for them. I know it wouldn’t be a chore for me to run any online business, as I love working with the internet and my PC. I’m not sure if this is an online programe or I would have to come to the seminars. If they are not in England then I couldn’t make it as I only have limited amount of money each week being unemployed, so therefore please except my aplogise for waisting you time. I know from my heart that one day something is going to finally change my life for the better, could it be this I don’t know. What ever you decide I know you will do from your heart and I respect that and wish you and the ones you choose all the very, very best in the world. Thanks for the pos vibes I’m feeling. Cheers Bob.

  109. Andrew Love says

    1. Why should I be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program?


    I recently showered under the hot water of an active geyser in New Zealand! I have climbed on the world’s only expanding subtropical glacier. I have hitch hiked large parts of Europe, and once found a single lift all the way from Birmingham to Marrakesh. But these stories never appeared on Digg.


    I am the direct descendant of the great Poet Laureate – Lord Alfred Tennyson. I went to the oldest school in Europe. I can juggle 5 balls whilst riding a 7ft unicycle. But I have yet to rock the world on Twitter.


    At the age of 3, I was discovered hanging from the latch hook of a window of the top of a 4 story building hanging only by my belt hoop on my jeans. At the age of 6 I survived a high speed, head on car crash on ice. At the age of 18, I was kidnapped by armed Spanish men posing as police near Gerona in Spain.


    All of the above is true. However, through all these travels and experiences, I have never been motivated to enter an online contest … until now.

    These experiences drive me to make the most of every second of my life. I want to throw myself 100% into the world of Social Media Marketing and preach the gospel according to Alejandro Reyes.

    I have skills that will help us make this a great success. I was the managing director of an online marketing company until 2004. I can build websites, run servers, and own 900 premium domain names that we can use to generate excellent online brands to generate a buzz about the projects we touch. I am an seo king and can get your keywords to number one on google in next to no time.

    I have 2 degrees in psychology, so social psychology will help me to bring a unique angle on all the skills that we will be training in. Robert Cialdini is the king of social influence.

    But, most importantly, I have time. I can put in the long hours to complete the course, and spend time writing valuable feedback. I can blog about my experiences and even record video on youtube about it – you see I’m quite photogenic too – so I’m told 😉

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    Ever since I was born, I have always felt a deep need … The need to prepare myself to be able to quickly and instantly get important information out to as many like minded people as possible. I call it “The Mastermind Calling”. Until today, I have not known how I could achieve this.

    Pick me, and together, we can fulfill this dream and then we can teach it to others.

  110. Carol Clifton says

    Dear Alejandro:

    Thank you for the opportunity to earn a seat in your upcoming 8 week course in Social Marketing!

    Please consider my current situation, which will reflect why I need to complete this course and the expectations on how it will grow my businesses and change my life.

    Why I should be considered:

    I have been involved with home based businesses over the past 7 years. Currently, I have 4 businesses, 3 custom web sites, 4 blog sites, use video marketing, SEO, and software to drive traffic to my web sites. I am a state leader in one business, and doing above average in the other 3 businesses. Over this period of time, I have attended Internet marketing seminars, training on a regular basis, read books/e-booklets and every thing I could get my hands on to grow my businesses. To that end, I have achieved a success level that has maintained, but needs a tune up in order to achieve a higher level. Therefore,I am totally convinced that I want to learn how to put the “Social” into my marketing media and how to build relationships the right way to leverage my affiliate marketing objectives and goals. As a result, I have to learn how to leverage my network through social marketing. I am a novice to this approach, but know that if you don’t change the way you are doing things…you can’t expect different results..I am “ready and due” for a change in this positive direction!!

    How the Social Marketing Course will help me grow by implementing the skills that I have learned throughout the course:

    Once I complete the 8 week course, I am committed to implementing the social marketing skills and tools into a new life style and activities that will take my business to the next level. I view this process as a life style change as opposed to a quick fix to a business problem. Due to the nature of social marketing, I look forward to gaining an enhanced positive attitude not only for business, but also for family and social relationships. Finally, I plan to use my newly learned skills to help those in my network, because shared success is one of the most fulfilling experiences one can have….

    Thank you again for the opportunity to attend your course,

    Carol Clifton

  111. says

    Hey Alejandro!

    Name and email address in the post – I feel better putting it there than in the clear.

    Question 1 answer: When I submitted my application for ordination, the first question I had to answer was “what qualifies you for ordination/ministry”. My answer was that I wasn’t qualified – other than by the mercy and grace that saved me to start with. It’s the same here.

    Yes I have a story. 47 year old father of four. Did a startup several years ago that didn’t make it past the angel round and was left in tens of thousands of dollars in debt. I’m an expert in my field and make insane money when I work BUT then can go months without work so I’m in a never ending cycle of fighting off the hounds or catching everything up. So, I’m in the same situation as everyone else here. Most seem to have valid, life changing reasons.

    In my case, this would be part of the plan to accomplish what I started last year, other training I’m taking, following plans in the 4-hour-work-week to release myself from the dependency of trying to find long term consulting gigs, having to spend hours in a car every day – and missing out on those hours with my wife and children. Then being too exhausted to do anything when we do have time.

    Question 2 answer: How it will impact me is by showing me how to leverage both my personal brand (which if you’ve been following me on twitter you should notice I have ;-), my social media contacts, my podcasting contacts, my professional contacts and my expertise in my field (I get charged out at $200 an hour by the companies that hire me because I’m an authority with years of experience) to stabilize my cash flow, get out of the ridiculous debt I have (think approaching 6 figures), move into a home that can fit my wife and four children (and we home school BTW, so I’m sole income) into without stepping on each other (though it does lend to family closeness ;-). And I think that’s actually not a run on sentence either.

    Obviously, I have the tools, the question is how to leverage them. That I have never understood and that is the key ingredient. I believe what I know and what I share can benefit people to a huge degree – I’m just trying to find the way that best enables me to do that and provide for and stabilize the family income while still having time to enjoy them!

    There you go. What ever you decide, thanks for asking the questions because it allowed me to further solidify some things in my mind that I can take action on. Rock these people, change their lives so that they’ll never be the same and have a blast!


  112. G Reed says

    I am a team player and I want to be on your first string.

    As a team player I know if the team leader instructs you to do something you don’t question why, you just do it. A good leader will inform you why you are doing as instructed and what results you should achieve.

    How The Coaching program will help me.

    1. By educating me in social Marketing.

    I do not have a crystal ball as to any other ways the program would help me. I could say A new car, a big house, lots of money and on and on, but that my story and not the facts.

    The fact is if I have the opportunity to join your team at the end of 8 weeks I will have knowledge that I do not possess as of today. And I should be well I my way to being a Social Marketing Rock Star thanks to your coaching.

  113. David says

    I have only recently come across your blog, and I really appreciate what you are doing. My answers below:

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I have been dedicating a lot of time and effort into building an online presence and I seem to be spinning my wheels and feeling defeated. I guess it really comes down to the marketing (funny, I was a marketing major). I can’t seem to really get a good grasp of making the traffic come to me. Anyone who has been online for just about any amount of time can see the massive potential that social media marketing has. I quite honestly need a little hand-holding to get the hang of it. I am a smart guy, I just don’t know the path as I seem to have people pointing me a thousand different ways all at once.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    It is funny that my life has had a similar path as yours Alejandro as I had spent the last several years in the mortgage industry. I was making good money, then the market fell out from under so many of us. I lost my job and my house..anyway, not looking for pitty as I am surviving and still have a loving family. I just want to excell again. I want to be in business for myself – a business I can be proud of creating. I want to use the gifts that I have been blessed with and be able to provide for my family and to give back to the world around me.

    Thank you,


  114. Joselin says

    1. WHY should you be chosen to be a part of the 8 Week Social Media Marketing Coaching Program??

    I should be chosen because of my passion and commitment to not only myself but more importantly to those people around me. I learn to implement and teach. I have been blessed by being the first born in this country of opportunity. Being the first to go to major university and work for fortune 10 company. I have had the privilege of traveling all over the world. I have been highlighted in a multimillion dollar ad campaign Life Is To Be Lived and Education, Masterminding, Commitment to success and Having fun are the ingredients.

    2. HOW will the Social Marketing Rockstars Coaching program help you?

    It will allow me the opportunity to help impact the lives of many. With the skills and masterminding sessions that I will be apart of, my life will truly be changed. Once my life has improved I will be able to make a major impact on the world by leveraging all the information and resources I will be exposed to. The key is not only knowing things but also knowing and interacting with like minded people that are all moving in the same positive direction for change. I realize that it will take commitment, but that is what life is all about…the audacity to persevere. This coaching program will be the key for me to unlock the door to wealth, not just financial but more importantly emotional, spiritual, and relationship-wise. It will allow me to be that catalyst for change, the leader, the rockstar in a world where status quo is the general accepted path of choice. To opportunities like these don’t come around often, if at all, so I want to seize this opportunity and take action to change the world.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  115. says

    We have some mutual friends in Jeff Mills, and Deb Micek.
    I am known as the connector as oversee a networking group
    made up of top authors and speakers like
    Stephen MR Covey, Jay Abraham, Alex Mandossian,
    Yanik Silver, Stephen Pierce, Jay Conrad Levinison
    and others.

    I would love to compare notes sometime on how
    to connect with influencers and perhaps do a teleseminar
    in the future.

    To YOur Success

    Larry Benet
    The Connector


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