The Metoric Rise of Draw Something [INFOGRAPHIC]

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You know I’m a sucker for Infographics so I thought I’d share this one from  If you haven’t checked out Draw Something, you need to.  It’s super addictive & fun.

This Darth Vader drawing is probably my favorite one’s I’ve seen so far.

Darth Vader Draw Something

One Thing I’ve Noticed About These Mobile Apps

One thing I’ll be writing about soon is one of the interesting thing that I’ve noticed about a few of these mobile apps that I use is the access you have sometimes to people you might have not connected with on sites like Twitter, Facebook, or other big social networks.

I’ve made some cool connections on Instagram, Pinterest, & stayed connected to some friends/marketers on Draw Something.  Something worth taking a look at.

If you’re on Draw Something, lets play.  I need to ask for forgiveness up front as my drawing sucks.  Draw Something username:  alejandroreyes