8 Social SEO Strategies To Start Using Right Now

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Grow Your Twitter Following for SEO

Search Engine Land recently wrote a great article about this: The Social Search Revolution: 8 Social SEO Strategies To Start Using Right Now

One thing they said that caught my attention was this:

2.  Put A New Emphasis On Building Relationships & Increasing Followers

Everything you write or share can pop up in your followers’ search results – even if they’re not a member of the social site you shared the link on. The relationships we forge online now have a huge impact on our search results.

Every new follower you get may see your brand’s site in his or her SERPs in the future, so it’s in your best interest to ramp up your follower count. Host a giveaway (entrants must follow you on G+, for example), increase your outreach efforts, or give away an eBook exclusively for your followers.

It wasn’t so long ago when you would hear people say something like, “Growing a Twitter or Social Media following doesn’t matter to business.”  SEO isn’t dead (yet), it’s just changing, evolving.  Social signals is where everything is headed, so if I’m investing in SEO right now, I’m incorporating social media into my search engine optimization strategy.

Quality vs and Quantity

I hear the Quality vs Quantity talk a lot in business.  People really get riled up when they try to defend “quality.”  Who said that you had to have one or the other?  You tell any Fortune 500 CEO that business is not about the numbers, and he’ll probably laugh at you. The numbers have everything to do with business and always tell the story.

Quality AND Quantity are equally important.

So, not only do you need to build a quality Twitter or Social Media following, you need to increase those numbers if you wanna be able to compete long term when it comes to getting more traffic from the search engines.

How to Build Quality & Quantity in Social Media

That’s the million dollar question right?  “How to do I increase my online following?”

Here’s the formula.

  • Be Passionate:  people want to follow passionate folks
  • Figure out who your audience is:  you need to know who you’re writing for so you have a focused message
  • Solve their biggest problem:  make what you do best be the thing that your audience wants most
  • Keep giving them good advice:  maintain a relationship with them & figure out other ways to serve them

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