101 Things We're Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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101 Things that we’re ALL Thankful for this Thanksgiving.ย  Please chime in & comment.

Instead of me writing everything that I’m thankful for, I thought it would be a cool idea to write one thing that I’m ABSOLUTELY thankful for and have 100 other people share the thing that they’re absolutely thankful for this Thanksgiving.

I’ll be creating a new post with all the results from comments below and will link to those that put a #hashtag# and Tweet the thing that they’re #ABSOLUTELY thankful for!

Here’s an example:ย  #ABSOLUTELY

So the question is:

What are you #ABSOLUTELY thankful for this year?

I’ll start.

I’m #ABSOLUTELY thankful for Twitter.

Never before in the history of mankind has it been so easy for the average person to get their voice out there in a massive way and have the ability to build a huge following with little to NO money at all.

Twitter, you’ve helped my business so much and I’ve built some amazing relationships because of you.ย  I’m thankful for you Twitter.

What you’re thankful for can be a Person, Place or a Thing.

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  1. says

    I, too, am thankful for Twitter and new relationships, conversations exchanged, joys & sorrows shared – life enriched!

    I’ve been thinking about Twitter’s magnetism, which can be addictive. Why? All people desire relationship. The result of this pondering is that I’m now more thankful for friends and family who don’t share Twitter, and I’m taking action to make more time to be with people I love.

    Bottom line, I’ve been thanking God for my online and offline friends!

  2. says

    I am very thankful for having my family! My two little boys are my light and my drive! I have a wonderful Wife and family! AND its getting bigger every day! The fact that I connect with most of you twitter is wonderful!
    Thanks to all!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  3. says

    I am incredibly thankful for my two children, who have stretched me so far outside my comfort zone (sometimes painfully!) that I dont even recognize the person I was before they entered my life. They have been my sole source of motivation and determination, and they have shaped me into the person I am today.

    And they think I am raising them… :)

  4. says

    I am thankful for my wife, three boys and extended family; the freedom we have in the United States; and those who gave their all so we can enjoy it. Above all I am I am thankful for a God who gave his Son for my sins so I can have the ultimate freedom.

    Happy Thanksgiving Alejandro and everyone!

  5. says

    I’m #ABSOLUTELY thankful for health. Having it is lucky, a gift, I work hard to maintain it, and I never take it for granted.

    I’ve been given the opportunity to be a good friend, partner, dad, husband, athlete, teacher, coach, adventurer, artist and student all because I’ve had the good fortune of health. Without it, I would be a prisoner.

    I’ve witness my father, friends and loved ones imprisoned by serious health issues, and how they had to give up their mobility, aspirations and passionate pursuits…So I cherish it and do my best to extend my time spent healthy as much as possible. I’ve had some brief brushes with serious illness, and it’s then that you realize how lucky you’ve been all along. Appreciating the opportunities gained through good health are so very important.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Alejandro & all your family and peeps! :)

    Warm Regards,

    Dave Cynkin
    Co-Founder, CMO, Sleep Deprivationist & Thrill Seeker
    BlogWorld & New Media Expo

  6. says

    Oops, forgot my twitter id too. :)


    Also, I forgot the “ed” on “witnessed” in the third paragraph. My mom was an English teacher, so I compulsively proof my own typing. Nuts! ๐Ÿ˜€


  7. Matt Koshko says

    Very thankful for the Freedom that being a US citizen allows us to have. Oh, and of course family, friends, food on my table and a comfortable lifestyle.

  8. says

    I am ABSOLUTELY thankful for my husband. His drive, dedication, and willingness to pursue his dreams have changed our way of life… without him all the other things I am thankful for would exist (our home, our fun adventures, and most important our son ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy thanksgiving Alejandro & Family!

  9. says

    Hi all,

    I’m #Absolutely thankful to the Almighty for giving me my dear and near ones and keeping them in good health. To the makers of Twitter for giving common people like me an opportunity to be in touch and develop such amazing personal relationships with people who we would have never been able to meet and interact otherwise. E.g. I met Guy Kawasaki @guykawasaki on the 10th of September at a Tweetup and get his autograph on my copy of The Art of the Start. Without Twitter that would have not been possible.

    Best Wishes,


  10. says

    I am so thankful for having Alejandro and family in my life even though I have never met any of them. I am thankful for every new person that has entered my life in the last calendar year and also for everything positive or otherwise that has happened because it brings me right where I am at.

    There are lessons in everything. Please God let me see the message and the lesson to be learned.

    In short thankful for being open minded and willing to learn.

  11. Ed Shaz says

    I was going to whine because I can’t stand tonight (literally).

    But it is because I dragged groceries home for my kids.

    I am grateful I’m not watching my children go hungry,
    but instead have enough to eat.

  12. Michael Mirth says

    Thankful for the heavy lightness of 100% responsibility, which has made me see the world with new eyes, which has gifted me with 100% empowerment, and which has tutored me to be grateful for everything. . .
    even papercuts :)

  13. stacee729 says

    I am grateful for several things this Thanksgiving.
    – Life and all the lessons that make me a better human.
    – Serenity and knowing there are things that I cannot change and to move on
    – Courage in knowing there are things that I CAN change and make a difference
    – Wisdom in knowing the difference between what I can and cannot do.

  14. Dave Webb says

    I am #ABSOLUTELY #thankful for my wonderful wife and my four awesome children. Thank YOU Alejandro & Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Marius Ona says

    i am thankful for life and everyone i’ve connected with online..,

    you may follow me now.. [http://twitter.com/MariusOna]

  16. says

    I am #ABSOLUTELY thankful that I live in the USA, the greatest country in the world. I am thankful that I have a husband, two children, and a home to live in. I am thankful for my pastor and my church — a place to serve the Lord. And Alejandro – I am thankful that I was able to attend Illuminate this year.

  17. says

    This is a great idea Alejandro:


    I am #Absolutely Thankful for finally coming into my own,finding focus and mentors that have helped me go from struggling online to now supporting my family with my Internet Business! (list includes you Mr. Successfool!)

    Of course, I am also so very #Absolutely thankful for my four beautiful daughters and my wonderful husband!


  18. Regina says

    I’m absolutely thankful for Jesus, my friend, my confidant, my peace! Also, my incredibly wonderful family and friends and last but surely not least, FOCUS!

  19. Monikah Ogando says

    I am #absolutely thankful for my hunny – he loves me the way God loves me — flaws and all.

    I am #absolutely thankful that my daughter Sarah is 100% healthy again and eager for the next year. It’s like she doesn’t even remember that the summer was a gruesome time for our family. She’s all smiles and all heart.

    And I am #absolutely thankful for you, Alejandro. Your genuine heart, humility, dedication to your family and sense of humor make you the superman every girl wants in their life, whether a big brother, little brother, or just really cool twitter friend. You are the #1 rockstar in my eyes :)

    Hugs to you and your fam! and a big kiss to Sadie!

  20. says

    Thanks, Alejandro.

    I’m thankful for grandma’s. I just lost my wonderful 83 year old Grandma Tuesday and will celebrate her home going Friday after Thanksgiving. I’ll miss her, but she has left a great godly legacy. I want to live up to it.

    I’m thankful for the opportunity to live in a manner that is worthy like she did. Follow me on twitter as I tweet about this season of sorrow and thankfulness.


  21. David says

    I am thankful for my family and the blessing we have here in the United States of freedom and safety. I look around at what is going on in the world, and I realize that we are truly blessed.

  22. Yisel Guajardo says

    I’m absolutely thankful for love.
    Love of family, friends, work we’re passionate about, and everything else we could love.

  23. says

    Alejandro, I’m thankful for your energy and sincerity.

    I’m also Absolutely thankful that my adolescent runaway is home.

    I’ll take all her tantrums and ragings anyday, there is Absolutely nothing she can do to cause me to love her any less.

    Peace, Tom

  24. Trump Network Marketing says

    I’m thankful for people like you who start posts like this so that everyone can have a moment in their day, if they are lucky enough to come to your blog, to post something their grateful for! It’s awesome to have this type of post year round because Thanksgiving isn’t the only time we should be grateful! Thanks again!

  25. lee says

    I am grateful that I have been given a second chance to move on with my life, after taking several steps back due to this recession.


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